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ECOVACS’ DEEBOT N8 PRO Make its Debut in Singapore

ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the world’s leading home service robotics maker, has released the DEEBOT N8 PRO in Singapore, bringing a hands-free and effectively superior cleaning experience for customers.

ECOVACSAs the first key member of the family – DEEBOT N8 PRO powered by ECOVACS’ leading-edge TrueDetect 3D obstacle detection and avoidance technology, TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology, together with the compatibility of the Auto-Empty Station, the DEEBOT N8 PRO delivers a cleaning experience that reduces direct human interaction, providing a safe and hassle-free environment for families.

ECOVACS’ TrueDetect 3D technology uses 3D structured light technology and a 3D scanning algorithm, allowing the robot to scan its room surroundings with extreme precision and detect even the smallest obstacles to avoid collisions, getting stuck or getting tangled.

The DEEBOT N8 PRO avoids and cleans around furniture and objects like shoes, wire cords and small toys.

With TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology, floor maps are created in seconds. The DEEBOT N8 PRO can intelligently navigate a user’s home, choosing which rooms and floors to clean, and customizing the optimum cleaning path for each respective floor map.

The DEEBOT N8 PRO dToF laser detection has doubled the distance recognition capabilities with a four-fold improvement in object recognition. Detection distance is enhanced to 10 meters, with the ability to detect objects as small as two millimeters. Integrated with industry-leading algorithms, N8 PRO can scan, map, and plan an efficient cleaning path faster and with precision, a benefit enjoyed for larger homes.

The Virtual Boundary function can be controlled via the ECOVACS Home App, allowing users to restrict the robot from entering and cleaning specific areas if privacy is needed.

The DEEBOT N8 PRO is built with an electronically-controlled water pump and water tank and allows for mopping and vacuuming in one go. The ECOVACS signature OZMO Mopping System can efficiently clean the whole house without the need for repeated stops to top up the water tank.

Sensors on the DEEBOT N8 PRO automatically switch between mopping mode or disabling cloth dampening, to guarantee a safer and deeper cleaning process. Without the cloth bracket, the water tank will not leak even if it is full.

Users can manually manage the water yield through the ECOVACS HOME App accordingly.


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