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EdCity Presents Go AI Scheme in HK

Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) has introduced the ‘Go AI Scheme’, to facilitate the prevalence of AI Education in Hong Kong by launching AI learning platforms with curriculum and resources, enhancing teachers’ and students’ AI knowledge and future-ready skills in the 21st Century.

EdcityThe scheme targets local primary and secondary teachers and students. Each school is entitled to a quota of at least two teachers in charge and 30 students for the scheme.

“EdCity strives to promote the use of information technology to actualize innovative education. In recent years, we are glad to see many local primary and secondary schools actively involved in Artificial intelligence (AI) education to enhancing students’ technology literacy and computational thinking. The ‘Go AI Scheme’ uses a ‘high technology, low entrance barrier’ approach, with the advanced AI learning platform and ample quality teaching resources, the scheme facilitates teachers to develop most suitable school-based programs to nurture future-ready generations,” said Victor Cheng Pat-leung, Executive Director of Hong Kong Education City.

Participation in the scheme is completely free of charge. Teacher training and a total of 32 to 40 hours of AI courses for primary and secondary students will be provided. The scheme is suitable for schools that are interested in AI or who wanted to enhance their teacher’s and students’ AI knowledge.

The training also helps facilitate teaching and supporting students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills systemically.

The training will especially touch on ethics and privacy issues relating to AI. Teachers will have the opportunity to discuss the issues with other teaching professionals and gain insights from multiple perspectives. This will equip teachers with the knowledge to nurture students applying AI positively in different areas and lead them to explore the idea of ‘Tech for Good’.

The ‘Go AI Scheme’ will organize a series of online and in-person AI activities during the summer holidays so that students can enjoy a fulfilling summer break. EdCity hopes that dozens of local primary and secondary schools will take part in the scheme during this initial stage.

In the future, the scheme will be expanded to cover more schools to provide comprehensive support to schools in AI education and empower students ready to ride the wave of AI.


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