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Electreon Wireless Creates Roads that Charge EV

Israeli startup Electreon Wireless is developing a solution, creating roads that can charge electric vehicles as they drive.

Electreon Electreon markets its system primarily to governments, cities, and fleet operators, with a proposal to increase efficiency by lowering battery size, cost, and weight. Electric coils installed under roads can transmit energy to electric vehicles on them, charging them as they go.

The company first successfully demoed an electric road in 2019, and they have another project planned for a small area in Tel Aviv this summer, before implementing a test in Sweden by the end of 2020.

Electreon intentionally chose to start working first on public transportation, like shuttles between train stations and airports.

According to its website, Electreon chose this point of entry because of the large population served by urban public transportation, and its role as a large polluter. Eventually, it hopes to expand to ridesharing, trains, and autonomous vehicles.


Nitisha Dubey

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