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Electrolube to Exhibit Gap Fillers at Productronica India

UVCLX performs in stark comparison to traditional UV Cure Coatings, which can require weeks at a time for a complete cure.

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions has announced that the company will showcase pioneering new protective solutions as they will be launching gap fillers from Electrolube at this year’s Productronica India, held in Bengalaru 16-18th December 2021, booth PD41.

Electrolube Gap Fillers Productronica During the show, Electrolube, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, will demonstrate its advanced technical capabilities to the US market by launching a ground-breaking new bio coating, the first of its kind globally, and a highly thermally conductive new gap filler.

These new solutions help manufacturers speed up production, increase reliability and lifetime of products, and improve their environmental credentials.

Electrolube’s new UVCLX bio coating is an unrivaled eco-friendly innovation that will transform the conventional use of coatings by the global electronics community. The first-to-market UV Cure Coating Xtra is formulated with 75% bio-organic content from renewable sources and is one of Electrolube’s most versatile, high-performance coatings yet for protecting electronic circuitry against the harshest of environments.

Applied via a selective coating machine, UVCLX exceeds traditional UV Cure Coatings, being touch dry after just a short exposure to LED-365nm UV light. UVCLX guarantees full cure in less than 24 hours by the secondary chemical cure mechanism, which ensures that even shadowed areas are fully cured in a matter of hours.

UVCLX performs in stark comparison to traditional UV Cure Coatings, which can require weeks at a time for a complete cure, and still with some shadowed areas remaining uncured. Inevitably, UVCLX enables a reduced level of work in progress.

Optimally applied at between 200-350µm, the new bio coating achieves excellent edge coverage, even over sharp components, and the highest levels of protection, even during temperature cycling and thermal shock, vastly out-performing other UV coatings on the market, even in the harshest environments.

Electrolube will also showcase the new GF600 two-part, liquid silicone thermal gap filler, supplied in a 50ml duo cartridge. GF600 provides excellent thermal performance and can be cured at room temperature or accelerated with heat. After curing, GF600 forms a low modulus elastomer, preventing the ‘pump-out phenomenon’.

The low viscosity gap filler is easy to dispense and is soft and compliant for low-stress applications. With an extremely high thermal conductivity of 6.0 W/m.K and a wide operating temperature range from -50 to 200°C, the flame retardant GF600 is ideally suited to filling gaps and air voids, even in the most delicate of devices with minimal stress.

Designed to provide greater stability than traditional thermal interface materials, the GF600 flows into all the voids and small gaps that are present at an interface between two substrates, allowing for minimal bond line thickness and minimal thermal resistance at the interface. GF600 also remains more stable over many thermal cycles.


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