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Electrolube to Launch Resins and Gap Fillers at IPC APEX EXPO

Electrolube is set to launch an innovative range of UV Conformal Coatings, Thermal Management solutions and Encapsulation Resins at IPC APEX EXPO, held at the San Diego Convention Centre, CA, from 4-6 February.

ElectrolubeThe company’s commitment to the evolving needs of its customers saw the launch of these new products reach an unprecedented level of success at Productronica recently, where Electrolube’s newly redesigned stand highlighted their escalating global growth and strong global position as a complete solutions provider of electro-chemicals.

At IPC APEX EXPO, Electrolube will demonstrate its advanced technical capability to the US market by launching solutions that really help manufacturers speed up production and increase reliability and lifetime of end products. The company will showcase a range of new rapid curing UV conformal coatings that enable immediate board-handling with a full cure guaranteed within 6-12 hours due to the chemical secondary cure mechanism.

One of the biggest advantages of the new range is its capability to significantly reduce production time. vastly. Most systems can take between 8 to 14+ days, and even longer in many cases, whereas Electrolube’s UV coatings fully cure in less than 12 hours.

Electrolube’s next generation UV cure conformal coating products are solvent-free, VOC-free and provide unrivalled performance in harsh environments, including high resistance to cracking during thermal shock cycling. The range features UVCL, a single component, medium-low viscosity dual cure coating with secondary moisture cure, ensuring complete cure in shadow areas. The ‘Plus’ version of UVCL, UVCLP, is a transparent, flexible coating which is extremely resistant to thermal shock and offers improved coverage and protection, along with a guaranteed chemical cure in 6 hours thanks to its unique secondary cure mechanism.

Further UV Cure coating products include UVCL-HV, a high viscosity UV curable material for better coverage of component leads and exposed metal surfaces during dispensing applications. Electrolube’s UVCL-Gel is a no-flow gel version of UVCL, designed for sealing connectors and other areas that must not be coated. For more information on the UVCL range, read more in our technical article here.

Two new encapsulation resins from Electrolube are also launching at IPC APEX EXPO. These new polyurethane and epoxy resins are all available in user-friendly kit sizes to meet every need, from prototyping and product development to full production.

The new polyurethane resin, UR5645 is a tough, two-part encapsulation system developed for protection of electrical components and is ideal for a wide range of applications including automotive and marine environments. This brand new resin is suitable for applications requiring continuous immersion in water at elevated temperatures and depth.

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