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Electronics Design Services Companies – Leading 5 Companies in a Review

Electronics DesignIndia takes the pride of being a pivotal hub for electronic design services with many companies gives a helping hand to develop next-gen electronic products. Though the scenario has changed a lot from past times and electronic design companies are singularly helping to develop overall products in the market thanks to latest electronic components and ready-to-go dev kits. Lots of domestic and international companies for years have shown interest towards developing Electronic Design Companies in India. Today these electronic design services companies work from the concept to put their diligence on entire design cycle to product development.  Miniaturization is tossing the whole electronic design and product development with IoT, ML, AI going mainstream. India has become a global hub for electronics design with nearly 2,000 chips being designed here every year and around 500,000 engineers working in various aspects of this field, starting from chip design and verification to the different stages of product design. Very large scale integration (VLSI) design, embedded software, and electronic design automation (EDA) are the two hotspots for India and this industry is more promis9ing as we stand in 2020.

Here We List Down 5 Companies in –Review Providing Excellence in Electronic Design Services in India


With the ability to handle both big and small projects, TronicsZone is a provider of high-quality electronic product design, software development. TronicsZone expertise lays on in embedded systems (hardware, firmware, software). From concept design & prototyping to production, TronicsZone claims to have successfully completed over 200 medium to complex designs. TronicsZone provides affordable costs & top quality service and support.


EDS-India shares its expertise in almost every domain of electronic design services since its establishment in 2015. EDS-India share has a prowess in providing Analog & Digital designs, Power electronics, Embedded electronics, IoT, Communication systems and many more. Keeping its focus in varies sectors, EDS-India caters for Automation, Automotive and Consumer industries. EDS-India is a company to look for and want to search them they have their operations from New Delhi.


With a team of highly skilled engineers and professionals, RioSH offers design services to the global electronics players. Budget-friendly, high efficiency, and reliability, RioSH provides services such as Embedded design, PCB design, RF Design, Product Design, Consulting Services, Product Software Development, PCB fabrication, Mechanical enclosure design, and Assembly services. RioSH adds greater value by minimizing the costs of development and reduce manufacturing time.

DNCL Technologies

Looking for Embedded Product Design and development company, DNCL can come in service. Bringing along a huge experience and expertise background, DNCL offers Engineering Product Design Services and Industrial Design, Custom Electronics Product Design, IoT product Development PCB Design, Software Design included firmware and software programming services, RTOS services. DNCL Technologies also provides end to end technology solution for diverse sectors including, Health Care,Automotive, Power Industry, Agriculture, Navigation, Avionics, FPGA, CPLD Design, Hardware Design, Electronic Product, Digital Signal.

Insilico Tech Services PVT Ltd

Bringing along extensive experience in the semiconductor industry, Insilico is an end-to-end VLSI and embedded design & software services and solutions provider. Insilico also claims to be the only company in India in its segment to bring in a holistic approach towards environmentally viable solutions. Insilico’s services line entails a diversified spectrum of offerings in embedded design & software and VLSI (complete analog & digital design from spec-to-silicon) on a wide range of ASICs and CPUs/GPUs deploying all state-of-the-art technologies (including 7 nm).

The Indian ESDM Market

The Indian electronics market has been growing enormously with leading players finding space in this bullish market. The Indian market has grown at a CAGR of 14% from 2016-19 and is expected to accelerate at a CAGR of 16.6% between 2020-25. Electronics production currently contributes 3.3% to the economy. It will grow to US$320 Bn by 2025. With additional measures, it has the potential to reach US$410 Bn, which will be 8.2% of US$ 5Tn India’s GDP target by 2025. Hence, the opportunity for the Electronic Design Services company is immense given their expertise and pathway plan ahead.


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