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element14 Offers 3D printers from BCN3D Technologies

element14 has recently added BCN3D Technologies (BCN3D) to enhance its global portfolio of 3D printing products.

element14 BCN3D’s range of one-of-a-kind 3D printers is engineered to deliver maximum productivity with hassle-free printing features including large volume production capabilities, full connectivity, and multi-language functions.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test, Tools & Production Supplies at element14 said: “element14 continues to partner with the world’s leading innovators in product development and manufacturing to ensure cutting edge technology is available to our global customer base. 3D printing is becoming extremely important in the research and development and industry, and BCN3D is right at the forefront of developing new, innovative solutions to overcome challenges associated with 3D printing. We are pleased that element14 can offer this exciting and innovative product range to our customers worldwide with fast shipping.”

BCN3D’s unique dual extrusion architecture with an independent two-head design enables production-grade printing and the delivery of strong functional parts suitable for use in professional, education and industrial sectors.

The BCN3D range prints with quality and precision using standard materials including PLA, PET-G, TPU 98A and PVA. All printers feature a range of printing functions including single-mode, duplication mode, mirror mode, multi-material mode and soluble supports mode with industrial power for daily operation.

BCN3D printers have a standard two-year warranty and are open source, allowing customers to use third-party materials including the popular 2.85mm Multicomp Pro range available from element14.

BCN3D’s top-selling range of 3D printers now available from element14 include:

  • Epsilon W50 and W27 printers are powerful professional 3D printing solutions designed to deliver large-scale parts with industrial-grade materials thanks to features such as a passively heated chamber, full enclosure, and humidity-controlled environment. The Epsilon W50 and W27 offer improved print quality which is critical when printing in ABS as it is susceptible to warping. The 5″ full color, capacitive touchscreen ensures ease of use and control. Printing is available via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity (online) and an SD Card (offline).
  • Sigma D25 printer is a smaller and lower-cost model for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). A new generation of BCN3D’s most well-known 3D printer, the Sigma D25 is powered by the Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) system and quickly delivers functional prototypes with quality and precision.


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