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element14 Releases Final Episode of its Podcast Series

element14 has launched the sixth and final episode in the first season of its global podcast series, The Innovation Experts.

element14 This brand-new episode features Fluke company’s discussion on how portable test and measurement tools have disrupted the industry status quo, regarding a series of ground-breaking application stories.

“The latest episode in the series gives a fascinating insight to engineers exploring the ever-increasing range of applications for handheld test equipment and shows how these tools are changing the test and measurement landscape,” said James McGregor, Global Head of Test & Tools at element14. “Fluke’s expertise, honed over many years as an industry leader, provides an interesting and informative window into the world of handheld equipment.”

McGregor continued: “The debut series of The Innovation Experts draws to a close with this episode, and with it, we hope our listeners have enjoyed the expert insights provided throughout the series.”

Justin Sheard, a Senior Engineer and Industrial Imaging Specialist at Fluke, joins element14’s Cliff Ortmeyer to provide an overview of rugged, safe and easy-to-use handheld instruments which meet the portability requirements of the modern engineer.

Justin shares insights on some interesting new technologies that can improve system reliability and greatly reduce costs, such as using acoustic imaging to locate difficult-to-find leaks in industrial compressed air systems.

All previous element14 podcast episodes are available now on company’s new Technical Resources Hub including:

  • Episode 1: Test equipment drives hybrid working and remote learning – The debut episode of the series focuses on how Pico Technology’s PC-based oscilloscopes and RF testing products have enabled hybrid working and new ways of remote learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Mike Purday, Business Development Manager from Pico Technology, discusses the capabilities and impact of using low-cost PC-based scopes.
  • Episode 2Fast-tracking innovation: Emerging trends and techniques – As Tektronix and Keithley celebrate their 75th anniversary, the second episode of podcast providesa brief historical perspective about how both companies have helped drive innovation in some of the world’s leading industries. Brad Odhner, Technical Marketing Manager for Tektronix and Keithley talk about how test and measurement equipment is accelerating innovation by helping engineers overcome present and future challenges.
  • Episode 3: The design of innovative tools and equipment for battery design and testing– Hioki discusses this cutting-edge technology and explains how it is used to measure the efficiency of electric cars and other critical applications. Kai Scharrmann, Engineer and Business Development Manager at Hioki will talk about the trends and challenges to be found in battery technology and testing.
  • Episode 4: A buyer’s guide to testing and measurement equipment–Mike Hoffman, Product Manager for Keysight Technology’s mid-level range of oscilloscopes, will provide practical tips to help buyers differentiate between low-cost and high-end instruments.
  • Episode 5: An overview of SMUs– Rohde & Schwarz poses the question: is the Source Measure Unit the all-in-one test tool of the future? The episode investigates how this critical piece of equipment can be used to provide fast, precise, high-resolution and safe DC characterization of electronic components down to the smallest leakage currents and the applications which present the biggest challenges.


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