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element14 Offers Panasonic Chip Resistors

The new chip resistors from Panasonic offer double the power rating of conventional thick film resistors

element14 has started offering latest Panasonic chip resistors, providing users with high power operation in compact packages.

element14 Panasonic Chip ResistorsThis is a significant addition to element14’s passive component portfolio that will enable customers to substantially accelerate their new product development-to-market programs, with full confidence in fast and reliable sourcing.

Simon Meadmore, Vice President of Product and Supplier Management at element14, says: “Panasonic offers an innovative product of chip resistors with the highest power rating and smallest case sizes. Designed to withstand harshest environments they feature unique soft termination ensuring high reliability. This new product range is a welcome addition to our IP&E portfolio and will enable our customer to bring to market new products much faster and with improved performance capabilities.”

The new chip resistors from Panasonic offer double the power rating of conventional thick film resistors and enable design engineers to upgrade to a high value resistor with higher power in smaller case sizes, saving real-estate on the PCB.

Six products from the innovative Panasonic chip resistor series are now available for fast delivery from element14, including:

  • ERJH* Series offers high temperature operation with derating starting from 105⁰C helping to achieve high power while downsizing. It can achieve maximum category temperature of 175⁰C and rated category temperature of 105⁰C. An improvement to solder crack resistance guarantees the resistor endures 1000 cycles of thermal shock testing.
  • ERA*V/K Series are high accuracy resistors with high stability achieved by thin film resistor design. Featuring a low resistance tolerance, the ERA*V/K Series offers high voltage in comparison to conventional thin film resistors. They have a higher power rating than the current product with limiting element voltage and maximum overload voltage.
  • ERJP Series provides double the power rating compared to conventional thick film resistors with ESD surge characteristics similar to standard metal film resistors. Heat dissipation is increased by an optimised resistance pattern while the resistance material and electrode design enable downsizing and a high-power rating of 0.20W – 0.66W.
  • ERJPM Series is a high voltage, high precision resistor series with high power rating compared to conventional thick film resistors. Suitable for high voltages with a limiting element voltage of 500V.
  • ERJB/D Series features wide terminal resistors, providing high solder-joint reliability with ultra-high-power ratings compared to conventional thick film resistors. Also available as a very cost-effective shunt resistor, the ERJB/D Series is suitable for small size, high power current detection with a case size of 0508 – 1020 and power rating of 0.33W – 2W.
  • ERA*A Series are high accuracy resistors with high reliability achieved by thin film resistor design. They provide high accuracy, low resistance tolerance and TCR. The high reliability design is stable at high temperature and humidity. Case size 0201 – 1206.


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