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element14 & Würth Elektronik to Help E-Mobility Developers

Würth Elektronik’s innovative products are designed to simplify the handling of the high currents found in charging and electric motor control.

element14 has presented a new campaign in partnership with Würth Elektronik to support electric mobility (e-mobility) developers in their projects.

element14 Würth Elektronik E-Mobilityelement14 and Würth Elektronik have joined forces to provide a wide range of electronic components, expert knowledge and added-value services to help EV product developers overcome design challenges and achieve their goals.

Simon Meadmore, Global Head of IP&E, at element14 said: “We are very pleased to offer our customers a wide range of e-mobility solutions from Würth Elektronik. Our customers will benefit from their very wide product portfolio, in-stock availability, design-in support and other added-value services to accelerate time-to-market of superior end-products.”

Lars Fahrbach, Vice President Global Distribution & New Markets at Wurth Elektronik said: “We take the noise out of e-mobility. Following this ethos, we have been transferring our comprehensive expertise in the EMC world to the future of mobility. We are proud to present our e-mobility portfolio in cooperation with our partner element14.”

Würth Elektronik’s innovative products are designed to simplify the handling of the high currents found in charging and electric motor control. The company’s advanced EMC solutions offer support for fast charging and increasing product life, reducing electrical waste and helping to future-proof the EV market.

element14 is now stocking a broad range of products from Würth Elektronik as part of the e-mobility campaign, including:

  • REDCUBE Terminals: The most reliable high-power contact for double-sided PCB mounting, REDCUBE Terminals are the preferred choice for high current EV charging stations. Featuring innovative press-fit technology, the terminals can achieve a sustainably safe and powerful transfer of charging power.
  • WE-AGDT Series: This series of compact, high-efficiency SMT transformers are optimized for silicon carbide applications and simplify the implementation of discrete SiC gate driver designs. With extremely low interwinding capacitance the WE-AGDT helps to achieve higher Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI).
  • WE-MCI Series: The WE-MCI Series of multilayer ceramic SMT inductors feature a multilayer ceramic body and are available in many inductance values ranging from 1 nH up to 470 nH. Featuring narrow inductance tolerances with a very stable inductance over temperature, these surface mounted devices are perfect for automotive applications including infotainment or keyless entry systems
  • WE-MPSB Series: The world’s first ferrite bead that specifies how it performs under high current transients with high impedance over a wide frequency range, protecting and extending the life of the application. It features an ultra-low RDC which delivers the lowest self-heating in its class at high currents.


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