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Elisa Chooses Keysight Technologies’ Cloud Peak

Keysight Technologies’ Cloud Peak has been recently chosen by Elisa for accelerating the design and deployment of its next-generation 5G virtualized networks.

keysight technologiesService providers need to deploy virtualized and containerized cloud-native networks to quickly roll out new services and respond to changing demand. Therefore, they need powerful tools to test the performance and reliability of the underlying network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure including compute, networking and storage, as well as the management and orchestration (MANO) system.

Challenged by the complexity of deploying high-performance, reliable and agile virtualized networks on a cloud infrastructure, Elisa needed a solution that could easily measure the performance impact of various technologies, architecture design alternatives and vendor solutions. Elisa selected Keysight’s Cloud Peak software for testing compute, storage and networking infrastructure to design new platforms and continuously benchmark production clusters.

“As a market leader in Finland, service quality and customer experience are priorities for Elisa. 5G evolution, virtualization and cloudification open new possibilities to rapidly and cost-efficiently create and launch new services for our customers,” said Matti Swan, lead architect of Elisa. “New technologies such as NFV require extensive end-to-end testing to fine-tune production design. That’s why we chose to work with Keysight.”

Keysight’s Cloud Peak helps service providers design an optimal 5G infrastructure by validating NFV throughout the continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. This includes disaggregated fabric benchmarking and characterization of NFV infrastructure to compare technologies, identify bottlenecks and optimize configurations. Cloud Peak builds on the Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) Yardstick framework, providing access to the industry-standard, open source test suite, while improving on and expanding its capabilities with new use cases. It also adds new capabilities such as container and virtual infrastructure manager (VIM) performance testing in an easy-to-use, lightweight and automated web application.

“As service providers virtualize their networks to cost-effectively deploy cloud-native 5G and roll out innovative new services, they need to ensure their infrastructure delivers the performance and reliability their customers depend on,” said Ram Periakaruppan, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Network Test group. “Elisa provided great feedback in the development of Cloud Peak’s robust and scalable testing capabilities, as well as in the development of Cloud Peak’s easy-to-use web-based, real-time reporting.”


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