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Embedded Logic Analyzer May Help Many Countries

Godfree Photo-New
Godfree Coelho, Managing Director, Prodigy Technovations, Bangalore

Prodigy Technovations, a leading provider of innovative protocol analysis solutions for mainstream and emerging technologies. The company’s ongoing efforts include successful implementation of State of art standalone innovative and comprehensive protocol decode solutions as well as PHY layer testing solutions that span the serial data, telecommunications, automotive and defence electronics sectors worldwide. Recently, Prodigy explained its Embedded Logic Analyzer, which comes with 10 Channels , 1GS/s sampling rate, State and timing analysis and support for UART, SPI, I2c protocol debugging. It is a low cost product which is required at every test bench of an embedded test engineer.

Q. How can your Embedded Logic Analyzer help ease a specific design challenge for engineers?

Discovery series Logic Analyzer for Embedded Interface helps the design engineer to debug following problems.

  1. It can easily identify the timing issue in digital signals by sampling these signals at 1GS/sec
  2. Embedded engineers can look at group of digital signal activity with respect to system clock speed by state analysis
  3. In embedded systems data exchange takes place from system on chip to different peripherals using i2C, SPI and UART bus. Discovery series logic Analyzer can simultaneously capture the I2C, SPI and UART protocol and time coreralte the protocol activity in I2C, SPI and UART bus. This helps in identifying problems caused by timing of the protocol data and resulting system level failures. These are most difficult issues locate and debug in an embedded system. Discovery series easily solves this problem by displaying time corerlated protocol activity across i2C, SPI and UART bus.

Q. Does it have a better performance benefit as compared to the Competition?

In following area Discovery Series Logic has better performance;

  • 2X timing Analysis performance by sampling each channel at 1GS/Sec
  • Simultaneous Protocol decoding of I2C, SPI and UART interface and display the time correlated protocol activity across I2C, SPI and UART bus.
  • Protocol Aware Trigger capability allows embedded engineers to capture traffic based on I2C, SPI and UART packet content.

Resolution Q. Will it enable engineers to ship out the product faster to market?

Yes. Now embedded engineers have critical features in Discovery Logic Analyzer helping debugging embedded engineers identify problems and solve them. This reduces the time to Market.

Q. Can it empower engineers to enable an emerging technology in their product design, or help it enter a new market?

Yes. With help of Embedded engineers, it can design AI, machine learning, IOT, Medical equipment with better performance to address unmet requirements.

Q. Does this Logic Analyzer make it easier to get the product certified or compliant?

Discovery series logic Analyser is not targeted for this application.

Q. Is the manufacturer one whose components are accepted in military hardware of a certain country?

Discovery series logic analyzer is a design tool. Most of the time it is used in lab environment. Hence it can be used in Military and across many countries.


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