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ENEA Extends Help in Relief and COVID Recovery in India

Enea has extended its support to relief and Covid recovery in India.

EneaEnea4India, a worldwide event of sponsored activities and a mammoth fundraising effort took place across 3 continents and witnessed participants in Pune, Bangalore, Belfast, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Croatia, Austria, USA and the UK.

“It’s inspiring and heart-warming to see initiatives in Enea like this. We are more than technologists and managers, and events like these make that so clear! Congratulations and a huge thank you to all those who took part in #Enea4India – It makes me proud to work with you guys!” commented Jan Häglund, CEO, ENEA.

Shyam Wadhekar, President of the Aadharwad Foundation said, We are overwhelmed, truly staggered by the generosity shown by the staff of Enea. The time and effort you have all put in to generate funds will not only save lives but also transform them. It’s wonderful to see so many people from many countries doing this for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Team Enea”

As part of its support, the funds raised by Enea will be donated to the Indian charity, Aadharwad Foundation. The Aadharwad Foundation, an active charitable trust, offers educational, medical and humanitarian assistance to rural farmers and their families in Maharashtra.

Funds raised will go towards providing critical medical supplies and equipment, as well as procuring other supplies for health facilities in areas with urgent needs.

Aadharwad Foundation has been working to support the people of Maharashtra, raising funds and awareness both before and during the COVID crisis, delivering humanitarian assistance and education programs.

Funds raised by Enea will be specifically directed to 3 areas:

  • Continuing relief work in the rehabilitation of underprivileged families in Maharashtra, regardless of caste and religion.
  • Funding of a COVID Specialty Medical Centre in a rural part of Maharashtra, offering medical treatment free of charge and much-needed Portable Oxygen Concentrators.
  • Supporting the education of children from underprivileged backgrounds orphans and physically challenged. Providing uniforms and books to study centres and career counseling.

50 members of Enea’s global team, alongside friends and family, pulled out all the stops for this year’s ambitious charity event to raise funds. The teams from Bangalore, Gujarat and Pune and their amazing efforts in India included lengthy bike rides, badminton games and long hikes – overcoming both monsoon rain and heat.


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