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Equinix Study Shows Accelerated Digital Infrastructure in Asia-Pacific

Equinix annual market study, Global Interconnection Index (GXI Vol. 5) has recently revealed its findings that the pandemic has forced economies into digital infrastructure overdrive, with digital leaders, businesses who were already implementing a digital-first strategy, moving four times faster than pre-pandemic levels.

Equinix These businesses in Asia-Pacific, including Mumbai, have compacted the time to deploy their digital infrastructure to multiple regions, expand to multiple edge locations and integrate multiple clouds—what might have taken two years is now achievable within six months.

“While COVID has forced businesses to innovate in many ways, by both expanding existing and introducing new digital services, the infrastructure underpinning these services must keep pace,” said Claire Macland, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Equinix. “As a result, savvy businesses are now moving four times faster than pre-pandemic levels in deploying this necessary digital infrastructure.”

Manoj Paul, Managing Director, Equinix India, added “COVID has pressed the need for transforming to digital models across industries in India. Businesses and organizations have realized the importance of adopting digital strategies and services and leveraging the benefits of interconnection to other businesses and service providers to achieve the level of agility and resiliency that is required to outpace and out-innovate their peers.”

Courtney Munroe, Research Vice President, Worldwide Telecommunications Research, IDC said, “Companies that have adopted a comprehensive digital strategy as a core business pillar—connecting with and leveraging digital platforms with partners, ecosystems, and customers, consistently emerge as disruptive market leaders. Adopting digital platforms and services is essential to achieve the level of agility and resiliency that is required to outpace and out-innovate the competition.”

This accelerated pace of digital transformation is predicted to continue to fuel the rapid growth in interconnection bandwidth.

According to the Equinix GXI Vol. 5 study, global interconnection bandwidth, the measure of private connectivity for the transfer of data between organizations, is forecast to reach 21,485+ terabits per second (Tbps), or 85 zettabytes, per year by 2024, representing a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 44%. This is in line with APAC where interconnection bandwidth is expected to grow at a 46% CAGR by 2024, contributing 6,002 Tbps to make up 28% of global interconnection bandwidth.

As one of the edge metros in the region, Mumbai is expected to increase interconnection bandwidth at a 53% CAGR, reaching 111 Tbps by 2024.


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