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ESDS Acquires Patent on Cloud Computing Scalability

The patent is granted for the novelty of ESDS’s approach toward Vertical Auto-scalability in Cloud Computing.

ESDS Software Solution Limited has acquired the patent for an invention entitled – Method and System for Real-Time Detection of Resource Requirement and Automatic Adjustments.

ESDS Patent The patent is granted for the novelty of ESDS’s approach toward Vertical Auto-scalability in Cloud Computing.

“This is fantastic news. It’s a historical achievement for ESDS – an Indian Cloud Service Provider company that developed an indigenous Cloud for India. The patented technology is beneficial for both traditional 3-tier and modern micro-services workloads, equally. It is my pleasure to thank our Government, our distinguished customers, our partners, and our dedicated teams at ESDS for trusting it. We at ESDS ensure continuous innovation in cloud computing” says Rushikesh Jadhav, Chief Technology Officer, ESDS Software Solution Limited.

Piyush Somani, Chairman and Managing Director at ESDS Software Solution Limited shared, “I am elated to share this news with everyone. We at ESDS were eagerly anticipating this patent. We have achieved the most sought-after technology in Cloud for real-time adjustment of computing resources in a Virtual Machine or a container environment. Built in-house, with our talented R&D team at ESDS, this is an AI and ML-based technology that is the future of the Cloud. One will be able to make use of Cloud resources three times more with this technology, meaning you will have to pay less and Cloud won’t hurt your budget. It is indeed a breakthrough innovation using AI & ML. Having brought future Cloud technology to India is an honor for me and my team.”

The company received the India patent on 26th May 2022 for the term of 20 years from the 16th day of August 2011 following the provisions of the Patents Act, 1970 for this novelty. The inventors of this patent are Piyush Somani and Rushikesh Jadhav.

Formerly, ESDS’s patent for eNlight cloud suite, which is an in-house developed vertically auto-scalable cloud technology, was acquired from the USA (US9176788B2 in 2015), as well as the UK (GB2493812B in 2017).

This patent reassures the technology strength of ESDS in transforming the Cloud Computing landscape in India and globally.


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