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Esperanto AI Inference Accelerator Now in Initial Evaluations

Esperanto has achieved an industry first by demonstrating its massively parallel RISC-V silicon running a variety of real-world AI workloads

Esperanto Technologies has reported that its initial evaluations for its ET-SoC-1 AI inference accelerator are underway with lead customers.

Esperanto AI Inference AcceleratorAdditional slots are available to qualified customers who have an interest in AI inferencing accelerators for data center applications.

“Our data science team was very impressed with the initial evaluation of Esperanto’s AI acceleration solution,” said Patrick Bangert, Vice president of Artificial Intelligence at Samsung SDS. “It was fast, performant and overall easy to use. In addition, the SoC demonstrated near-linear performance scaling across different configurations of AI compute clusters. This is a unique capability, and one we have yet to see consistently delivered by established companies offering alternative solutions to Esperanto.”

“Esperanto has made very impressive progress and is now providing customers evaluation access to their RISC-V hardware and software running off-the-shelf AI models with strong performance and efficiency. This shows the company’s confidence in their first multi-core solution,” said Karl Freund, Founder and principal analyst at Cambrian-AI Research. “In addition, because Esperanto’s chip is RISC-V-based, it has the programming tools and software stack to more easily adapt to new AI workloads, alongside non-AI workloads, all running on the same silicon. This step forward is another very strong indicator of the bright future of RISC-V.”

“Esperanto has achieved an industry first by demonstrating its massively parallel RISC-V silicon running a variety of real-world AI workloads,” said Richard Wawrzyniak, Principal analyst at Semico Research. “It was exciting for me to see the company put the chip through its paces across a variety of scenarios, including different models, data types, batch sizes and compute cluster combinations – all showing competitive results. This is another positive step forward for the RISC-V industry in the AI space as this new market continues to grow even faster than we had previously forecasted.”

“Harnessing the power of over 1,000 RISC-V processors is a major accomplishment, and we are very pleased with the results which validate our initial projections of performance and efficiency,” said Art Swift, president and CEO of Esperanto Technologies. “We look forward to extending access to a broader range of qualified companies, as we accelerate our RISC-V roadmap efforts with a growing number of strategic partners for applications spanning from Cloud to Edge.”

Esperanto’s evaluation program enables users to obtain performance data from running a variety of off-the-shelf AI models, including recommendation, transformer and visual networks on the ET-SoC-1 AI Inference Accelerator.


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