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EthosEnergy to Help Companies in Energy Transition

EthosEnergy believes and proves that there is an economic and environmental benefit in upgrading and reusing equipment over simply disposing of it and buying a new.

EthosEnergy has decided to help companies and power plants in reducing operating costs and, decrease harmful emissions to the environment by supporting these companies in the energy transition, with the overarching goal of making energy available, reliable, and sustainable for all.

EthosEnergy Energy TransitionAccording to Fabrizio Fabbri, Executive Vice President of East Hemisphere at EthosEnergy, “The transition to renewable energy, that will also influence price reductions, must begin today. From our experience with partners in the United States and Europe, this is not a change that occurs overnight, it is rather a long process that must be implemented transversally and in depth in all sectors of the industry. And for that to happen, there must be cooperation between companies, trade bodies and organizations worldwide”.

“We have been able to bring a reduction in capital and operating expenditures among power plants and companies by improving and upgrading the performance capabilities of existing equipment and increasing equipment life cycle by over one hundred percent”, says Fabbri.

“We welcome the fact that environmental responsibility is growing and the demand for sustainable and green energy is rising in the business world and energy sector. In order to overcome the energy crisis, a correlation between business conduct, social impact and environmental responsibility is required”, Fabbri adds, “We have set ourselves the goal of investing in the development and implementation of technological processes, innovative types of energy and ways to make it accessible to our customers, and we will continue to support and guide customers throughout the process, while keeping our commitment to becoming leaders in the field of sustainable energy”.

EthosEnergy can find effective solutions to complex challenges for its customers, helping them align with the forefront of technological capabilities and advanced systems, reducing the total cost and benefiting from significant improvements in the life cycle of equipment.

EthosEnergy believes and proves that there is an economic and environmental benefit in upgrading and reusing equipment over simply disposing of it and buying a new.

EthosEnergy uses advanced technology worldwide to extend the life of industrial equipment and systems, increasing energy efficiency and flattening the greenhouse gas emissions curve.

In another project at a chemical refinery using gas turbines, the customer sought to maximize performance and efficiency, and after the project was completed by EthosEnergy, electricity generation was increased by 70,000 MW per year and CO2 emissions were reduced by 27 tons, with efficiency contributing to burning less fuel for turbine propulsion and saving 465,000 MMBtu.

At EthosEnergy, the ESG Program has also been aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Program – an action plan for all countries of the world to promote growth and prosperity while preserving the planet, adopted by all UN member states in 2015.


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