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Europe to Ban Halogen Light Bulbs Starting September

The halogen bulbs will be replaced by energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) technology.

European Commission

The lights will dim for halogen bulbs as halogen light bulbs will be banned all across Europe effective September 1 to encourage consumers to switch over to the more energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) technology as announced by the Guardian.

LED Lights consume one-fifth of the energy of halogen bulbs and their phase-out will prevent more than 15m tonnes of carbon emissions a year, an amount equal to Portugal’s annual electricity usage according to the experts.

Philips, the lighting manufacturer estimated consumer savings of up to £112 a year from the switchover because LEDs last much longer than halogens and use far less power.

According to the sources, EU member states decided in 2009 to phase out halogen bulbs by September 1, 2016, earlier.

However, the European Commission ultimately concluded that EU citizens needed more time to move from halogen to LED, and as a result the ban was delayed until this year.

LED lights consume about five times less energy than a halogen lamp, offering immense savings potential, both environmentally and economically.

Further, it is estimated that switching to LED lamps will save 115 euros over each lamp’s lifetime and will pay back its cost in less than a year.


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