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Europe’s Largest Anticorrosion Film Plan by EcoCortec

The company also recently purchased new high tech blown film extrusion line.

EcoCortec® has announced the expansion of its plant. The company is a manufacturer of environmentally safe VCI/VpCI® anti-corrosion films and bags under patent of Cortec® Corporation. The plant located in green area in Croatia is a European daughter company of Cortec® Corporation. Plant’s management is now investing in new polymer processing plant that is located near the existing facility. New investment will incorporate all the principles of the circular economy.

EcocortecEcoCortec’s team is continuing its path of developing environmentally friendly corrosion protection films by utilizing latest green manufacturing technologies. Plant’s management purchased new 1000 m2 facility for polymer processing. New plant with  VpCI® masterbatch  production and new reprocessing  equipment  for  recycling of waste  into  new  materials will open in November this year.  This will result in minimizing the disposal of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials as well as energy usage. This model of circular economy reduces air and water pollution.

New facility will be divided in two production facilities with warehouses of raw material and finished goods:

  1. Compounding and masterbatch production – with the state of the art, high performance compounding extruder, designed for processing biopolymers on world scale. This will enable EcoCortec’s sustainability and economic production.
  2. Regranulation facility – with latest recycling line that will set new standards in recycling of materials that are difficult to process such as heavily printed films and very moist material.

The company also recently purchased new high tech blown film extrusion line for production of patented biodegradable ESD films for growing electric vehicles market. New BOR (bag on roll making machine) was installed. BOR machine will expand capabilities and enable wider assortment of products in more dimensions. EcoCortec® offers customers complete converting, extruding and printing capabilities. Plant’s anticorrosion packaging solutions provide the most reliable VCI film protection on the market today. Patented films, bags and papers are used in countless industries and applications around the globe, giving users an easy and effective way to protect metal parts and equipment from corrosion.

Environmentally safe anti-corrosion films and bags are manufactured utilizing most contemporary available technologies today. The company also develops and produces multiple green packaging options without corrosion inhibitor. Biodegradable, compostable materials are becoming a standard in modern packaging industry and our team of scientists and engineers works hard to develop smart, packaging solutions that are not hazardous to the environment but will enable strongest corrosion protection and will fully satisfy our customers in its performance. EcoCortec® offers a wide range of biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, TUV certified packaging options, including films, papers, and latest green developments in stretch, shrink and ESD packaging.


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