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EV Battery Solutions at the Battery Show Europe 2022

Attendees at The Battery Show Europe can discover more about Dow’s latest solution for battery thermal management.

A broad portfolio of solutions for electric vehicle (EV) battery development and power electronics, including new silicone and polyurethane technologies from Dow will be showcased at The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany from June 28-30, 2022.

EV Battery IntroAt Booth 8-C40, Dow experts will elaborate the MobilityScienceTM, a platform designed to address the evolving needs of the industry through material science while focusing on enhanced customer experience.

“The mobility and transportation industry is continuing its shift toward electrification, and as we see more consumers embracing EVs, it’s critical that the battery and electronics technologies necessary for these vehicles are reliable, safe, high-performing, and more sustainable,” said Dr. Esther Quintanilla, global market leader for Dow Polyurethanes. “At Dow, we recognize the significance of this transformation and are committed to supporting the needs of our customers in this space. With our MobilityScienceTM platform, we can prioritize enabling a more seamless and customized customer experience and accelerating new innovation for EV applications with focused technical service.”

Innovative solutions driving the industry forward

Attendees at The Battery Show Europe can discover more about Dow’s latest solution for battery thermal management, DOWSIL™ TC-5533 Gap Filler. This new technology, which is being launched at the show, is a two-part (1:1) soft thermally conductive silicone material that dissipates heat and relieves stress between the battery modules and the cooling plate. Additional performance benefits include controlled siloxane volatility, long-term performance stability during temperature and humidity cycling, low assembly/disassembly forces and a wide application process range with low abrasion.

Dow will also be introducing its innovative best-in-class portfolio of VORATRON™ adhesives, gap fillers, pottants, and battery enclosures solutions for EV batteries at the show. VORATRONTM systems offer a wide range of superior electric vehicle battery pack assembly adhesives and gap fillers for processing efficiency benefits and ease of customization. These materials also support advanced battery packs with high strength thermally conductive adhesives, high speed assembly with low squeeze force gap fillers, and lightweight and high productivity with engineered potting resins. In addition, they can be designed for sustainability via an advantage formulation know-how that minimizes the material loss during the battery assembly process with the possibility of unique circular content there.

With safety a top priority for battery innovation, Dow’s solutions for battery fire protection will also be on display. Increasing energy density of lithium-ion batteries requires sophisticated material solutions to help mitigate EV battery fires. Dow’s silicones portfolio offers a combination of properties to help mitigate thermal propagation including low flammability, ceramification rather than combustion, low thermal conductivity, and tailored compressibility. From encapsulants for cylindrical cell configurations and silicone foam sheets for pouch and prismatic designs, to gaskets and fire-resistant rubbers for sealing and added fire protection, Dow’s range of silicone materials can enable long-term operational stability and meet the demands of different battery design and assembly applications.

The power of collaboration

Visitors to Dow’s booth can also get an up-close look at Jaguar TCS Racing’s I-TYPE 5, the model currently on the Formula E track that features Dow thermal management solutions within its powertrain. As part of The Company’s commitment to collaborative innovation in the EV and sustainability sectors, Dow became the Official Materials Science Partner of Jaguar TCS Racing in 2021 to develop and integrate next-generation materials that will advance the performance, safety, sustainability, and efficiency of the racecar. With this partnership, Dow brings its expertise in application development, 100 years of innovation in transportation, and technical integration to the Formula E circuit through its MobilityScience™ platform.

“Looking back at our 100 years of supporting the mobility and transportation industry and our 125 years at Dow overall, it’s truly amazing to reflect on the legacy of innovation that came from close collaboration with our customers and partners, and across the industry,” said Luc Dusart, global marketing manager for e-mobility at Dow. “As leaders in mobility, it’s our responsibility to imagine a better future. Be sure to stop by Dow’s booth at The Battery Show Europe to find out how we can put that vision into action, together.”


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