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Evonetix Partners with Analog Devices

Evonetix and Analog Devices have announced a partnership to cooperate on the progression and business scale-up of Evonetix’s exclusive miniature electro-mechanical frameworks (MEMS)- based silicon chips and quickens the advancement of Evonetix’s first item, a DNA work area essayist.

AnalogDr. Matthew Hayes, Chief Technology Officer at Evonetix, said, “Collaborating with Analog Devices is a significant step forward in our mission to develop a highly parallel desktop platform to accurately synthesize DNA at scale. The support and expertise of the Analog Garage R&D team have been invaluable in helping us design a complex control ASIC and we now look forward to expanding our collaboration to achieve the commercial scale-up of our platform.”

Pat O’Doherty, Senior Vice President of Digital Healthcare at Analog Devices, added: “Evonetix is a pioneer in reimagining biology and developing a radically different approach to synthesizing long-chain DNA at unprecedented accuracy and scale. This collaboration provides Analog Devices with an opportunity to enter the growing synthetic biology market. Our work together is aimed at increasing the speed and reducing the cost of gene assembly to provide novel strategies that can be used to produce affordable medications and treat a wide range of diseases globally.”

The two companies began working together in January 2019. They agreed to extend the collaboration as Evonetix continues to work with Analog Garage, Analog Devices’ corporate innovation lab, to jointly develop an integrated solution that includes the MEMS platform, an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to miniaturize the control electronics, and flow cell.


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