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Evonik Modifies VESTAMID Polyamide Elastomer Foam

Evonik has introduced a new modification in its established polyamide elastomer VESTAMID PEBA.

Evonik Drawing on expertise built up over four decades, the polyether block amide can now be foamed, making a density of 0.1 g/cm³ possible. 

The resulting foam has a rebound resilience of 73 percent and does not change its property profile in either hot or cold conditions.

VESTAMID PEBA was introduced to the market by Evonik more than 40 years ago. From the outset, it was distinguished by its excellent low-temperature impact strength, chemical resistance, high elasticity, and good recovery behavior. These properties are valued by leading sporting goods manufacturers for use in sport’s shoes.

The development of the foam now allows even greater cushioning in sports shoe soles, while retaining all the other properties of the compact material.

The rebound of VESTAMID foam far exceeds that of all soft foams previously used in shoes. At the same time, it returns most of the energy absorbed. Its stiffness can be adjusted as required, and its low weight ensures high wearing comfort.

The properties of the foam allow it to be used not only in sport’s shoes but also in the automotive sector, for example.                   


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