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An Exclusive Interview, before DigitalOcean’s Launch in India

Karl Alomar
Karl Alomar | Chief Operating Officer | DigitalOcean

The burgeoning public cloud giant, DigitalOcean has made its mind on exploring the buoyant Indian market. Adjacent of its vigorous plans to establish the first datacenter in Bengaluru, the company is actively building its leadership team. It seems the company is poised to outwit the heavyweights operating in this domain. Articulating on the preparatory roadmap and strategic influences of the company, Karl Alomar, COO of DigitalOcean interprets its prudent cognizance on the Startup-Headed Country(India). Excerpts.  

DigitalOcean has marked the fortunes of integrated marketing through its tactical offerings of cloud hosting service provider? Next stop India, how the company looks into this strategic expansion.

We are the ideal cloud computing platform for next generation startups that want to scale in the cloud. With the incredible growth we are seeing in the startup community throughout India, we believe DigitalOcean can have a huge impact.

Flaunting a viable position in the public cloud domain, how the company is planning to initially buffet its offering and which segments of the market will be on the radar for the company?

India is currently the fastest-growing startup ecosystem in the world and will also be the largest developer market by 2020 with over five million developers. Software developers and startups have been our focus from the beginning, and we’re looking forward to catering to the needs of these exciting companies and developer projects being born in India.

Price and value-added services is the major cognizance of this market. What will be the pricing strategy of the company and business model to tap the indigenous market?

Despite our operational costs being a little higher in India compared to other geographies where we operate our datacenters, we are committed to maintaining flat pricing globally and as such our cloud servers (Droplets) will be priced at the same rates. Our pricing strategy is pretty simple: we try to cover the costs of hardware, bandwidth, engineering talent, etc. Then we add a small markup that keeps the lights on for us! The price to performance ratio of our Droplets is the most competitive in the market.

Talking on the USP front, what will make the company a key differentiator from the existing big names providing cloud infrastructure in India?

We have always focused on keeping our products simple. The major cloud providers have to focus their energy on large enterprise and legacy companies – we’ve streamlined our platform for next generation companies built in the cloud.

We have also focused on building a true community of developers to help foster the industry and support them as they build the products of the future.  Our community site provides extensive tutorials and guides that for anyone who wants to work on Linux or learn system administration. Along with this, we offer 24X7 support to all of our customers free of charge.

Indian Market has got variable titles from the Tech Industry stalwarts like; Bullish, Unpredictable, Diverse, Challenging etc. How do you spell the Indian Market?

Our customers in India are no different from customers elsewhere: they want a simple to use, intuitive product that provides great performance at a competitive price.

There are dossiers explaining perplexity regardless the billion-dollar potential of the cloud market in  India. There are common challenges like infrastructure, security and complex trade & SEZ policy. Where all these matters been challenged during establishing your datacenter facility in India.

Yes, there are certain nuances to setting up a business or datacenter facility in India. But the fact that we will be able to provide an infrastructure experience to software developers in India with the same quality and at the same cost as our services in New York and in San Francisco speaks to the developments that India has seen over the years.

What are the investments and future plans of the company, to add up what new features and acquisitions are aimed to foster the reliability of web applications?

We continue to roll out additional products and services through this year related to storage and networking; these will further enable our customers to better address large-scale production environments. Keep an eye out on our website for updates.

How shall Indian customers interpret ‘Simplifying innovation & cloud infrastructure and building products developers love’?

I hope I’ve explained this well already! But you won’t really know until you try it. Sign up on our website to see how easy it is to spin up cloud servers, use our API, figure out the price, etc. Everything is easy because we put a lot of effort into the user experience.

It’s not an untold story that DigitalOcean is driving a sheer competition to computing giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft by ushering services at a competitive price. Reports assert that DigitalOcean now has more host computers in its cloud than any providers sparing Amazon. Any comments to it.

Over 700,000 developers around the world have launched over 13 million cloud servers on our platform in just four years. We are very proud of that and we plan to continue our mission of building a cloud that developers love.

Additionally, the company growth-figures churn the promising algorithms for the budding startup ecosystems across the globe. What will you convey to the growing ‘Startup front country like India’?

It starts with a great idea. Then you need to refine that idea and find the right product-market fit. Then build the right team and take your startup to the next level! Focus on your product and your customer more than anything else.


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