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Exxelia Pulse Chips Capacitor Now Distributed by New Yorker Electronics

Exxelia Temex’ new CF & CFS Series designed for military aircraft ground vehicles, facilities payloads radars and detection naval soldier equipment

New Yorker Electronics announces the release of new Exxelia Temex CF/CFS Series Dielectric Ceramic Pulse Chips Capacitors with a Printed Resistor option. Designed for Military/Defense, these Fuze Chip Capacitors are ideal for charge/discharge applications and AC filtering for high power RF.

This ceramic is a negative temperature coefficient dielectric (–2,200 ppm/°C) and combines the high dielectric constant of an X7R dielectric with the stability of an NPO dielectric. With its low dissipation factor, the C4xx ceramic is recommended for AC line filtering for high power RF and for pulse applications.

Different models among the CFS Stacked Capacitors series have individual features. For example, the C Series is an unleaded chip capacitor for surface mounting with optional tinning. The P, PL, L, R, RU models are DIL or Ribbon leaded chip capacitors for surface mounting recommended to eliminate thermomechanical stresses (R: varnished chips, RU: uncoated chips). The N and NU models are DIL leaded chip capacitors for through-hole circuits (N: varnished chips, NU: uncoated chips).

For both series, leaded chips are always marked while it is available on request on unleaded chips. And both series offer Hi-Rel quality screening, available voltages between 500V and 10,000V and tolerances between 2% and 20%. Case sizes are available between 1812 and 16080 and terminations are SMD DIL leaded. Different screen-printed resistor values are also available.

The Key Features & Benefits of the Capacitors available from New Yorker Electronic include:
• Pulse Capacitor
• Miniature high voltage capacitor 500 – 10kV
• Temperature coefficient (-2,200 +/- 500) ppm/°C
• Multilayer chip ceramic capacitors
• Size 1812 to 16080
• C4xx dielectric
• Capacitance range: 27pF to 15µF
• Printed Resistor Option Range: from 100kΩ/sq to 1GΩ/sq
• Operating Temperature: -55 °C to +125 °C

The Major Applications of the Exxelia Temex CF/CFS Series Dielectric Ceramic Pulse Chips Capacitors include:
• Military/Defense:
– AC Line Filtering for High Power RF
– Pulse Applications

New Yorker Electronics is franchise distributor of Exxelia Temex and supplies its full line of capacitors as well as its EMI/RFI Filters, Magnetics, Position Sensors, Slip Rings and Rotary Joints.

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