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FCI braces enrolment with HDP user group


FCI, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, declared as regards its enrolment with the HDP User Group (High Density Packaging User Group International Inc.). On record, HDP User Group from its barrio is a non-profit trade organization offering memberships to enterprises in the supply chain business of manufacturing products that utilize high-density electronic packages.


The foundation of HDP User Group lies with its multi-company cooperation on technical issues of common concern to its members, reading in the order as characterization of fresh packaging concepts with respect to reliability besides technical performances. Members from their part contribute resources required for running these projects and share results. This in turn achieves high degrees of leverage, and accomplishes much more with much less from each member.

FCI from its quarter is partaking in HDP User Group’s Optical and Press-fit project collaborations, even though the firm may explore the group’s other endeavors such as the Process Sensitivity project or PWB technology projects in the future. Enterprises from their ends are encouraged to work together to accomplish HDP User Group’s mission in these group efforts. Projects are typically proposed by three or more member companies, and need to be approved by the Board.


Jawed Akhtar

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