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Final Frontier –Regionalization of Smart Planet Solutions

India is arguably one of the largest playgrounds for smarter planet initiatives. However, the hype and promise is coupled with challenges on an immense scale. In a geography as diverse as its inhabitants, every aspect of a solution is subject to hyper regionalization. The infrastructure, or the lack of it, forces a relook at established design principles for a more developed nation.

Final Frontier

Consider, for example, an embedded sensory system for a traffic management solution. In a western context, it might be reasonable to assume that motorized vehicles such as cars, buses etc., are the primary units of traffic congestion. In an Indian context, however, it is entirely reasonable to suggest that non-motorized transport components such as cycle rickshaws and bullock carts are sizable enough to warrant consideration in such a solution. The underlying assumption of traffic demographic simply does not hold. In addition, there may be several other factors that render sensory technology an impractical means. However, necessity truly is the mother of invention. What if a different assumption could be used to support the same solution?

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Nikhil kashyap

An engineer by degree, a gamer by interest and a journalist by exploration. Video games, Short films, News, Documentaries. Blending different narrative mediums, all in the quest to understand how to tell a compelling story.

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