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First Cloud Dashboard Launched by Tektronix

Tektronix has introduced an IoT dashboard service for data streaming, visualization and remote access to data. It has the ability to integrate Keithley’s DAQ6510 model data loggers and DMM6500 touch digital multimeters with Initial State’s IoT dashboard platform.

TecktronicsBoth Keithley and Initial State are both Tektronix-owned companies, and are collaborating successfully to integrate Initial State’s data streaming service with the capabilities of Keithley’s Touch Test Invent hardware platforms, such as the DAQ6510 and DMM6500 .

In this way, from today it will be possible to give these tools full integration into the cloud, with functions such as remote control, and the data visualization service through real time dashboards, without any need for software applications to be installed on the PC.

It is Tektronix’s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) service for test and data streaming applications. The dashboard made available is highly customizable and allows many interactive applications. Remote access is also made almost instantaneous, and there is no need for third-party software to work. Users of the Keithley datalogger or graphical multimeter can use a simple browser from their laptop or smartphone to remotely monitor their measurement system.

“Users of our Keithley DAQ / dataloggers are constantly confronted with managing a huge amount of data to be collected through long test sessions,” says Chris Bohn, vice president and general manager at Keithley / Tektronix. “It was necessary to make this amount of easily usable data. For this reason, two Tektronix companies such as Keithley and Initial State have successfully collaborated to achieve this result. “

The dashboard is able to automate triggers and above all to manage events (alerts) based on the acquired data, so that the DAQ is enabled to send the user a warning message or email according to pre-established and customizable rules.

The dashboard can also share data and display it in a mini-website, thus making it accessible and downloadable for personal, professional use or to generate documentation. All this can be done by managing security depending on whether you collaborate with colleagues or with business partners.

Currently the dashboard is compatible with the 6½-Digit Keithley DMM6500 touchscreen multimeter, which offers several unique features for fast transient capture and display, and with Keithley model DAQ6510 multi-channel data loggers.


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