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Five New Low Voltage Photorelays Added by Toshiba

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation introduces five new photorelays housed in the S-VSONR4 package.

Toshiba Electronic Devices

In addition, they all have a built-in input resistor, eliminating the need for an external input resistor, saving space. The tiny packaging and its space requirements will allow engineers to design smaller test boards, especially probe cards. It also allows increases in the number of photorelays on a board to achieve a higher density solution.

Despite their tiny package size, the new photorelays can drive large currents which are why it makes them highly suited to device power supply applications across a range of test equipment. All of the new devices have a guaranteed operating temperature range to 110 ℃ (max).

The Key Characteristics of the Devices include:

  • The smallest package of any voltage input control photorelay:
  • mount space 2.9mm (typ.)
  • Two input voltages adopted for the control signal: DC 1.8V (typ.) and DC 3.3V (typ.)
  • VOFFsupports 30V/60V, ION supports 0.4A to 1.5A.

 The Major Applications are as follows:

  • Automatic test equipment (ATE)
  • Memory testers
  • SoC
  • LSI testers
  • Probe cards

The shipments have already started for the Toshiba photorelays.

Further information: Click Here.


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