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Flexnest – A Fit Tech Startup Connecting India With Smart Fitness Solutions

Flexnest is a Fit Tech start-up creating smart connected fitness solutions for the Indian market. It is India’s 1st D2C brand focused exclusively on At-home equipment and workouts.

Raunaq-Singh-AnandWith an aim to make at-home workouts truly engaging and irresistibly convenient for everyone, Flexnest offers a holistic workout experience. Flexnest creates a revolutionary way to work out at home, powered by its smart, connected state-of-the-art equipment and immersive and engaging content.  The company has a wide range of products, strength providing equipment, fitness bike, and fitness accessories such as Flexbike, Flexibell, Flexikettle, Flexscale, Flexnest Yoga mat, Flexnest foam roller, Flexnest yoga blocks, Body resistance bands, Hip resistance bands, Flexmask, Interlockable gym flooring, Flexbench, Flexnest gift card, etc. During an email interaction with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Raunaq Singh Anand & Rhea Singh Anand, Co- founders, Flexnest explain how Flexnest is helping the way people work out from their homes.

Kindly explain Flexnest and its special offerings.

Flexnest is a Fit Tech start-up creating smart connected fitness solutions for the Indian market. It is India’s 1st D2C brand focused exclusively on At-home equipment and workouts. Our products range from adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga range, smart weighing scale and our Flagship product – The Flexbike, India’s 1st Connected Smart Bike with connects with the Flexnest App! The Flexnest App, has equipment classes, ride classes and a body page (which connects with the Flexscale and shows metrics such as BMI, Body Fat, Protein, etc)

Given the pandemic which logged the emergence of tech, what potential do you see in the growing home workout segment and your strategies to cater for this space? 

While at-home fitness has been an emerging trend for the past decade, the pandemic has sky-rocketed at-home fitness and placed it front and center. Since gyms are one of the most high-risk environments for the spread of COVID-19, they were one of the first places to shut doors as soon as the pandemic hit India. India had the largest lockdown in the world—from March 25 to May 2020, 1.3 billion people were instructed to stay inside. This has again repeated itself in subsequent waves and lockdowns. That’s a lot of people who, quite suddenly, found themselves at home, seeking physical & mental wellness. As a matter of fact, between Q1 and Q2 2020, health and fitness app downloads in India grew by 156% – The highest in the world. That translates to 58 million new active users.

Connected fitness is the future of fitness. The category is quickly growing, with a variety of App’s and Connected equipment offering at-home workout solutions where users use screens for guided instructions instead of an in-person fitness trainer.

As the pandemic starts to settle down and people start to step out, a large proportion of the population who have discovered the added convenience of working out from home and invested in connected fitness products will not be returning to the gym.

How do you differentiate Flexnest from other companies?

Today, Flexnest is a hardware company, a software company, a media company and a D2C consumer brand. No fitness company in India has offered a solution so holistic and comprehensive till date. Flexnest is changing the way people workout from their homes. We bring to you a new way to workout at home. Usually people buy equipment from brand A, use videos/content from brand B and measure their progress with brand C. Flexnest is different, we can do all three. Flexnest is not about just buying equipment. It is a full solution for home fitness – There is hardware (Equipment) and software (content – classes, videos) integration.

Flexnest allows you to buy equipment, do classes with Flexnest trainers, measure your progress through the Flexscale, all while being part of a community. It is a fully integrated, immersive workout experience like India has never seen before.

What’s the future of wearable technology?

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, Sleep rings, Virtual Reality glasses have become more and more prevalent in our society over the past couple of years. With the pandemic, people have become more concerned about their health, which has in turn lead to awareness about fitness and metrics such as muscle mass, BMI, steps walked, heart rate, body oxygen, etc.  It’s predicted that wearables will only continue to grow in popularity, so naturally companies are finding new and innovative ways to apply them.

Is there any plan to add virtual reality or augmented reality to your products? Kindly explain.

Our flagship product – the Flexbike, has virtual rides which enable users to ride in 100+ cities across the globe. The video speed syncs to the speed at which the rider cycles, giving the user an immersive experience!

What will be your future plans to enhance your business?

Our goal is to become synonymous with At-Home Fitness in India.  We complete the loop of finding the correct equipment, accessing classes with world class trainers, tracking ones progress with tracking devices and the ability to do all this from the comfort of your home. With the Flexbike we entered the connected fitness space integrating hardware, software and content, and we plan on doing this at a larger scale. Innovation is the key to success and we plan on innovating as much as we can, to fill the gap in the Indian fitness market.


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