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Forte announces partnership with IBM Cognos

Forte announces partnership with IBM CognosForte Research Systems, a leading developer of specialized clinical and translational research management software solutions, has announced its new partnership with IBM Cognos, a leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions.

Through this tie-up, Forte will now be able to expand the robust reporting capabilities available in Overture EDC, its most intuitive and easy-to-use electronic data capture system for sponsors and contract research organizations.

This latest integration offers users greater flexibility in running and sharing real-time reports via clinical and operational data captured in Overture EDC.

The IBM Cognos ad-hoc reporting tool allows Overture users to author their own reports and do these things, mentioned below:

  1. Drag and drop data points
  2. Add complex logic like data prompts, filters, groupings, and calculations
  3. Generate data visualizations
  4. Report across protocols or report on a portfolio of studies for one compound
  5. Combine multiple versions of a form
  6. Combine fields from multiple forms
  7. Reuse a report template on any protocol that uses the same forms
  8. Pull data for interim safety analysis, dose escalation, data review and data monitoring
  9. Run reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, and XML formats

It’s worth mentioning that, there are two types of roles within the ad-hoc reporting tool namely:

  1. Report author– It has full control over building reports for their own use or to share with report viewers. Once reports are set up, it’s easy to save them as templates and re-run or modify existing ones.
  2. Report viewer- Report viewers can read, copy, save, and organize the ones to which they have access.



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