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Fortinet Supports Continent 8’s New WAF-as-a-Service offering

Continent 8 Technologies has unveiled its new Cloud WAF product powered by Fortinet’s FortiWeb Cloud. Combined with Fortinet’s solution, Continent 8’s Cloud WAF secures their customers’ applications, no matter where they are hosted.

FortinetAs organizations deploy more and more business-critical applications that are internet facing, the attack surface expands and more risks can potentially be introduced. It has been reported that about 77 percent of web application breaches are caused by automated attacks and botnets.

To address these challenges, Fortinet launched FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service in 2019, securing applications deployed to public cloud environments, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Continent 8 is the first provider to offer Fortinet’s WAF-as-a-Service technology for private clouds with the solution being hosted on their own private cloud. Adding WAF to their existing security product portfolio enables Continent 8 to deliver DDoS, web application and API security on a global scale.

Fortinet delivers innovative WAF solutions in partnership with MSSPs to protect their customers regardless if applications are deployed in private data centers, public clouds or private clouds. Fortinet is helping customers grow and deploy web applications faster and with more confidence in it being done securely.

“In partnering with Fortinet, we are now able to offer the industry-leading FortiWeb Cloud technology, all hosted on our private cloud,” stated Leon Allen, Continent 8’s Innovation Director. “Our new Cloud WAF solution works in conjunction with our existing, carrier grade, DDoS mitigation platform, enabling Continent 8 to provide high availability DDoS protection with WAF protection against sophisticated application layer attacks backed by our 24×7 monitoring and mitigation services. We’re extremely proud to partner with Fortinet to deliver this new advanced security service to our customers.”

“By partnering with managed security service providers such as Continent 8, we provide customers with advanced security for more business-critical web applications, which is very important as more businesses depend on applications and lack the expertise to secure them,” said Lior Cohen, Sr. Director of Cloud Security Product and Solutions at Fortinet. “This enables customers to deploy applications anywhere they choose with a consistent security posture for their application layer. And ultimately, organizations’ ability to rapidly and securely deploy applications enables them to deliver more value to their end users.”

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