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Frequencies Defined With T&M Industry Veteran Madhukar Tripathi, Anritsu at IMC 2022

Madhukar-tripathiIn an exclusive candid chat during the recent IMC (India Mobile Congress) 2022, the T&M industry veteran Madhukar Tripathi, Associate Director – Optical Business & Marketing, Anritsu India Pvt. Ltd. Talks to Niloy from BISinfotech about their key attractions during the show. His expert views underlined the importance of production testing and how ANRITSU help its customers in this vital process, he shared his vision as India officially launches 5G. One of the key attractions vitally included ANRITSU INDIA’s extensive 5G focused test & measurement solutions, signal generators, radio communication test station, etc. We also tried to understand what makes ANRITSU participate in this telecom-focused trade show. Edited Excerpts Below.

ANRITSU has been a consistent exhibitor at India Mobile Congress (IMC). What key product showcases attracted visitors at your booth during the recent IMC 2022?

Over the years for ANRITSU INDIA, IMC (India Mobile Congress) 2022 has been the best platform to connect with the telecommunication industry. Here we see a strong participation of Mobile Network Operators, Network Equipment Manufactures, Optical Fiber Cable Manufacturer, Mobile Chipset, Mobile handset, Broadband Equipment’s manufactures, Cyber Security Services companies, Standards organization, R&D companies, System Integrators, Test & Measurement companies and so on. In fact, one can find the whole ecosystem for Telecom community under one roof at IMC2022

At this year’s IMC(India Mobile Congress) 2022, we’re displaying here 5G focusing Test & Measurement solutions for the industry as listed below.

MT8000A- Radio Communication Test Station: This is 5G/LTE Network simulator and used by UE, chipset vendors. MT8000A is also focus 5G BTS production testing.

MT1000A Network Master Pro™ for 5G Field testing & lab testing also. This is All in One Wired Network Testing tool.

MS2090A Field Master Pro: This is 5G Base Station test solution for RF parameter and 5G demodulation.

Alongside, we are also displaying our new Signal Generator Rubidium  MG36241A, 43.5GHz first time in India.

Don’t miss out the 4 port Shock line VNA MS46524B for Antenna, cable characterization and other RF Microwave components characterization which is also take the center-stage at this year’s IMC (India Mobile Congress) 2022.

Rubidium Signal Generator MG36241A was also a key attraction during IMC (India Mobile Congress) 2022.

What is the unique value proposition or specific application of these instruments?

Anritsu instruments are known for its high quality, reliability & ease of operation. Anritsu solutions provide a long-term value proposition to users.

Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A Key features

  • All-in-One Support for RF Measurements and Protocol Tests in FR1 (to 7.125 GHz) and FR2 (Millimeter Wave) Bands
  • Supports mm-wave band RF measurements and beam forming tests combined use with the RF chamber.
  • Flexible Platform using Modular Architecture
  • Supports Existing LTE Test Environment
  • Supports various functional tests by GUI operation only without requiring difficult scenario development (SmartStudio NR MX800070A)

Anritsu-5gShockline VNA MS46524B: Key features

  • Specified performance to 43.5 GHz with Extended K™ ports
  • Simple signal integrity testing of passive multiport and differential devices
  • Advanced time domain option provides tools for signal integrity analysis
  • Wide dynamic range enables measurement of very low reflection artifacts
  • Excellent corrected directivity minimizes measurement uncertainty
  • SmartCal™ auto calibration unit reduces calibration and setup time

Applications:  Shock line VNA find application in many area listed below.

  • Differential Devices:  Cables, Connectors, PCBs


  • UE – micro coaxial RF connectors, UE – antennas, switches, diplexers, 5G network components

General Purpose:

  • Passive Device Testing, Connectors, Cables, Electromechanical
  • Switches, Attenuators, Couplers, Filters, Isolators, Circulators, Radar connectors
  • Near-field and far-field antenna measurements
  • System Integration Applications: System calibration, Differential path-loss characterization
  • General multi-port s-parameter and time domain measurements
  • Simple Active Applications: Amplifier characterization
  • Wireless Power Transfer Applications: KQ product & Maximum efficiency
  • Optical to Electrical, Electrical to Optical, and Optical to Optical Applications: Photo receiver, Laser modulator & Optical transceiver
  • MT1000A Network Master Pro: MT1000A is used in Mobile Fronthaul, backhaul testing.  Key features:

Test and analysis of Synchronous Ethernet and PTP:

    • SyncE (ITU-T G.826x)
    • PTP (IEEE 1588 v2)
    • G.8265.1, G.8275.1 and G.8275.2 telecom profiles
    • Time/Phase error measurement. (with High Performance GPS Disciplined Oscillator MU100090A)

Synchronous Ethernet run together with normal Ethernet functions including:

      • Ethernet tests at 25 Gbps, 10 Gbps, 1 Gbps, 100 Mbps and 10 Mbps
      • Ethernet Service Activation Test (Y.1564)
      • Automated RFC 2544 tests of Throughput, Frame Loss, Latency or Packet Jitter and Burstability
      • BER tests – include Frame Loss and Sequence Error tests
      • Service disruption measurements

Network master Pro MT1000A is equipped with SEEK- Scenario Edit Environmental Kit which reduces technician’s workload and minimizes errors in measurement. MT1000A Automatic Measurement Mode: Automatically changes settings, completes tests, saves result and completes Pass/Fail evaluations.

Field Master Pro MS2090A: MS2090A is Handheld Spectrum Analyzer delivers the highest continuous frequency coverage and real-time spectrum analysis bandwidth up to 110 MHz to address current and emerging applications. For 5G Base Station it  validate the performance of the gNB base station with essential measurements that are in full compliance with 3GPP TS 38.104 V15, including:

    • frequency error
    • time offset
    • cell/sector ID
    • modulation quality
    • unwanted emissions
    • occupied bandwidth
    • adjacent channel leakage ratio
    • transmitter harmonics and spurious
    • EIRP

Signal Generator Rubidium™ MG362x1A Low Noise RF/Microwave Signal Generator

Key Benefits and Features

  • Industry-leading phase noise and spurious performance across broad frequency range
  • Atomic clock frequency stability with optional internal rubidium frequency reference
  • High output power with low spurious eliminates need for external power amplification
  • Convenience and increased instrument availability with built-in, on-site frequency and power calibration capability (Optional)
  • Pulsed radar signal simulation with comprehensive narrow pulse generation capability

Anritsu-testingKindly highlight on ANRITSU’s advance flagship product offering in the growing 5G NR Smart Device Test Solution, Automotive Test Solution, 5G Field Test Solution (Wired and Wireless) and High-Speed Test Solution?

For 5G NR Smart Device Test Solution we are displaying MT8000A Radio Communication Test Station. This is All in One RF Protocol Test Solution for 5G Device Testing.

5G Field Test Solution: One of our key technology expertise Network Master Pro MT1000A has also attracted eye balls. Network Master Pro MT1000A is a field testing tool for wired technologies. This supports SyncE, PTP, Ethernet Testing along with legacy network SDH /PDH/SONET. MT1000A also supports 25G/40G/100G Ethernet Testing.

We have an extensive focus for Wireless Field Testing, hence we are also displaying Field Master Pro MS2090A.  This is 5G Base Station / Field Testing tool. This is used for Base Station’s RF parametric testing and 5G demodulation along with converge mapping of 5G Network.

5G is now officially launched in India, what are your key expectations from this new Fifth Generation of Mobile Network as customers and MSPs seems to explore new market opportunities?

5G will be game changer in telecom industry and customers have a new level experience with 5G network. Many use cases have been shown by Mobile Service Providers -MSP; such as Smart Agriculture, Smart Ambulance, Tele health, Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 etc. during IMC 22. According to Ericsson Mobility Report 2021, 5G is projected to account for nearly 40 percent of mobile subscriptions in India – 500 million. We hope 5G will open new doors of opportunities and will contribute growth of economy.

The importance of Production testing and how ANRITSU help its customers in this vital process?

Once prototype product is ready & completed for production, manufacturers wanted to deliver product very fast in market. This is to ensure that they lead in market and gain maximum market share. Anritsu offers various production testing solution for 5G/4G devices (MT8870A- Universal Wireless Test Set), 5G Base Station (MT8000A Radio Communication Test Station) , High Speed modules – Optical Trans receiver (BERT Wave MP2110A), Shock line VNA MS46524B . All Anritsu test solution have various interfaces for the automation of production testing. Production Testing is Pass Fail type testing.  Multiple ports, Automation reduces testing time, leading to faster delivery of final product in market. These features helps manufactures to lead market and increase market share.


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