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Fuji Develops SmartWing Panel Assembly Robot Cell

Fuji Corporation has established a new Panel Assembly Robot Cell as part of the Advanced Robot Cell series for the Compact Multijoint Robot SmartWing, purpose-built to contribute to automating manual work in the panel assembly process.

FujiOrders for the Panel Assembly Robot Cell (SW-BA) have started from April 2021.

In the current manufacturing climate, with a shrinking working population and the current circumstances caused by COVID-19, difficulty in maintaining operation has become the norm.

Focusing on the automation of manual insertion processes, Fuji has cultivated solution packages that contain the various functions necessary to address this need.

In doing so, Fuji has developed a product that is low cost and easy to install, and for which customers do not need to provide a conceptual design.

Product Features:

1) Equipped with the newly developed SmartWing SCARA Robot.

2) Achieves low-cost and short lead time by providing the necessary functions as a package solution.

3) It is possible for people who do not have robot-related experience or knowledge to operate because the dedicated operation tool only requires simple data entry.

4) Achieves high accuracy insertion by using the newly developed workpiece camera and wrist camera when compensating the insertion position.

5) Loose workpieces and tray workpieces can be supplied as is. Consolidated processes of distribution and insertion in the Robot Cell.

Fuji plans to be able to ship 30 “Panel Assembly Robot Cells” in the first year and increase that to 60 in the following year.


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