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Fuji Introduces Auto Shape Generator

Fuji has released Auto Shape Generator, an application that solves the problems associated with creating such vision processing data.

Fuji When creating production programs on placement machines, approximately 80% of the work is related to creating vision processing data.

Creating data for package parts with multiple leads and bumps is a very difficult and time-consuming task. If vision processing data is not properly set, it can cause losses such as misalignment and machine stoppage due to part recognition errors, so this work is extremely important for ensuring quality.

However, the volume of new programs is on the rise as the number of products to be produced increases due to the diversification of market needs. In addition, to shorten the lead time to ramp up production there is a need to reduce the time required to create programs, and the workload is becoming heavier and heavier.

Auto Shape Generator features

  1. Anyone can quickly create accurate vision processing dataCreate data offline with a dedicated camera stand
  2. Immediately respond to vision processing errors during production
  3. Anyone can quickly create accurate vision processing data

It is easy to create data by selecting items from the wizard type menu while using part images taken on the placement machine.

The AI system not only identifies the body shape but also identifies bumps and leads on package parts so you can create accurate shape data. This is especially effective in creating irregularly arranged bump data.

Even if parts are too complicated to create data automatically, it is possible to edit data using shape data that matches features in the image.

It is possible to shorten the time it takes to create vision processing data for 90% or more of the parts available on the market by using Auto Shape Generator and shape data.


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