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Fujifilm India, UNITEX to Unveil USB Interface LTO Drive

Fujifilm India has partnered with UNITEX Corporation as the authorized distributor of UNITEX’s LTO Tape Drive in India.

Fujifilm IndiaThe drive is the world’s only USB connection LTO with high-speed USB3.0 and efficient functioning with high-speed data transfer at maximum 240MB/sec, plug and plays with USB3.0 interface, a hybrid model with USB interface and SAS interface, large amounts of LTO capacity and support on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Speaking on the collaboration, Koji Wada, Managing Director, Fujifilm India Pvt Ltd. said, “It gives us immense please to collaborate with UNITEX Corporation as their authorized distributor in India as they look at expanding and foraying into the Indian market. Fujifilm is one of the top manufacturers of LTO tape media in the world and UNITEX has strong technology with their USB interface tape storage drives. Through this collaboration, we are aiming to make the Tape media accessible to any category of clients, especially small and medium enterprises. This collaboration will also be fruitful for us as we meet the increasing demand of tapes and fodder our sales along with the divisional revenue growth.”

With Fujifilm’s tape, the tape drive is set to rule the industry by offering multi-fold benefits like allowing users to manage ever-increasing data assets easily by connecting to a laptop PC, pass and receive large amounts of data efficiently by LTO tape media, enable data sharing among different OS’s with LTFS support, and store CAD data such as drawings efficiently.

The tape drive is also ideal for long-term storage of inspection data, inspection results, and trace data and in record X-ray sensor data of foreign articles contamination and metal sensor data.

Additionally, LT70H USB achieves a 70% improvement in data transfer speed over the conventional LT70 USB. It can be used easily on laptop PCs that cannot install SAS interface. As data transfer speed has drastically improved to 240MB/s, it realizes a stress-free backup/archive.

Additionally, the tape drive comes with a USB plug and play connection, which enables maintenance without stopping the server.

The USB cable clamp further prevents unexpected cable disconnection, backup & transfer of large amounts of data, archive data in Broadcast/Video/Surveillance camera/Medical, a countermeasure for ransomware by managing data off-line, UNITEX LTFS3000 software is included.


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