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Fujitsu Begins Joint Research in Quantum Computing

Fujitsu Laboratories has initiated three collaborative research projects with world-leading research institutions: one with RIKEN and the University of Tokyo, another with Osaka University, and the other with the Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands (hereafter, TU Delft).

FujitsuThrough this collaborative research, Fujitsu aims to achieve comprehensive and efficient advances in quantum computing. By applying quantum computing to various fields currently facing problems that are extremely difficult to solve.

By developing the technologies fostered through this collaborative research, Fujitsu aims to commercialize fault-tolerant quantum computing solutions in the future.

1. Research project with RIKEN and the University of Tokyo

Fujitsu will research superconducting quantum computers, which are currently regarded as the most promising type, with RIKEN and the University of Tokyo, both of which have strengths in superconducting qubit technology. Through a comprehensive undertaking of quantum computing systems covering quantum devices, and electronic control units and software, Fujitsu aims to bring about computer systems that can work in a complementary fashion with conventional computers.

2. Research project with TU Delft

Fujitsu will conduct fundamental research and development of quantum computers using diamond-based spin qubits with TU Delft, which has strengths in such qubit technology. The research will be conducted at QuTech, a leading Quantum Technology institute and cooperation of TU Delft and TNO (the Netherlands organization for applied scientific research).

3. Research project with Osaka University

Research and development of quantum algorithms will be conducted with the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University, which is strong in the theoretical field of quantum computing. In addition to algorithms for applications, Fujitsu will research error-correction technologies needed to achieve fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Fujitsu will work with these research institutions and others to promote research for achieving practical quantum computing over the medium to long term. The focus will be on solving societal problems by applying quantum computing to the fields of drug discovery, materials, and finance, as well as in various application fields with challenges that are difficult to solve with conventional computers


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