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Fujitsu Brings IoT Solution Head Mounted Display To Help Enterprises Innovate On-Site Operations

Fujitsu has announced the development of FUJITSU IoT Solution UBIQUITOUSWARE Head Mounted Display (HMD), a wearable device for enterprises.

Fujitsu Brings IoT Solution Head Mounted Display

The HMD sports a 0.4-inch display, a camera, two microphones, and various sensors, with a non-see-through extension positioned in front of one eye. The device can be operated with an incorporated wearable keyboard or via voice command.

“For infrastructure inspections or factory assembly work, the display allows for safe and accurate hands-free task support in the form of images, video, and audio. In addition, this product will help make it possible to have fewer on-site staff as it allows for remote support from skilled operators, enabling higher work quality regardless of experience”, the website notes.

Key Features of the Head Mounted Display:

  1. Designed for safety, even in challenging environments (water-resistant (IPX5/7) and dust-resistant (IP5X) for outdoor use)
  2. Robust support for tasks in the field with a wide range of functions (can communicate with smart devices through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
  3. Connects to business systems, enabling know-how to be accumulated (Photos and video captured with the built-in camera can be stamped with time and location data collected with a smart device, and stored as an activity log. These logs can be centrally stored on business systems or the management servers of cloud services)

The HMD is available with a software development kit that includes developer documentation and libraries, so that companies can develop solutions that work with their business systems, and the product can be adapted to specific purposes, the press release states.

By utilizing Information and communications technology (ICT) with wearable devices, Fujitsu is aiming to enhance the safety and efficiency of work sites.


Dr. John C.C. Fan, CEO, Kopin Corporation, said “We at Kopin are extremely pleased to have contributed to the industrial HMD Fujitsu has developed with our advanced display, optics, audio and software technologies. The device brings advanced HMD technology to a wide range of potential business applications, such as equipment maintenance. We believe that the combination of Kopin’s advanced HMD technology and Fujitsu’s own human-centric technology has enabled a revolutionary HMD that will continue to lead the market for years to come.”

This product will be exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2015 on May 14-15 at Tokyo International Forum and will be available from mid-May 2015. However, Fujitsu has started selling ‘HMD’ to enterprises in Japan.



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