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Fujitsu Creates Technology Using AI to Identify Data Characteristics

Fujitsu Laboratories has successfully developed a technology that uses AI to discover the characteristic cause-and-effect relationships in various pieces of data relating to people and things in a variety of fields, with possible applications in medicine, marketing, manufacturing, and more.


FujitsuThe technology specifically addresses the need to isolate and identify characteristics from data in different real-world scenarios. In the medical field, for example, it is necessary to identify the characteristic genes that affect the development of cancer in individual patients. In the field of marketing, sales representatives need to find the characteristic factors that lead individual customers to make a purchase.

Fujitsu has developed a technology to discover the characteristic causality of individual pieces of data by quickly extracting all the groups of data that have a common correlation from an entire dataset, and evaluating the causality of each group of data to find the characteristic causality.

In a recent trial demonstration, Fujitsu applied the technology to the gene expression data of colorectal cancer patients, estimating the characteristic causal relationship that appears in the data of each patient.

Fujitsu’s researchers succeeded in rediscovering the gene of interest in the colorectal cancer classification, offering a key to the development of a treatment plan individualized for each patient.

In addition to medical care and marketing, this technology enables use cases including customer credit scoring in finance and identification of the cause of product defects in manufacturing.

Fujitsu will continue to conduct research in the field of genomic medicine with the aim of contributing to medical research, including in the field of personalized medicine, as well as to shed light on the causes of cancer.

In FY 2020 ending in March 2021, Fujitsu will also apply the new machine learning technology to demonstrate its utility in various fields, including marketing, manufacturing, and finance, in addition to the medical field. Fujitsu aims to put the technology into practical use in FY 2021.


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