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Fujitsu Cuts down Onboard Expenses launches Smart Enterprise Application Logifit TM-NexTR

Fujitsu Cuts down

Fujitsu adds FUJITSU Enterprise Application Logifit TM-NexTR to its Logifit series, a new operations management solution that is known to revolutionize the logistics industry.

Logifit TM-NexTR is a solution for analyzing fleet vehicles and supporting fleet operations. It allows for the mixed use of devices, such as the use of digital tachographs for heavyweight cargo vehicles, and the use of smart devices (smartphones or tablets) for smaller vehicles or subcontracted vehicles, for which it is difficult to install digital tachographs.

Additionally, the software includes the ability to collect vehicle-sensor data (such as on speed, fuel consumption, and temperature) as well as data on the vital signs of drivers, from which the warning signs of drowsiness can be detected by linked features, to bring visibility to the work environment.

This software eliminates the need for specialized onboard equipment, thereby greatly reducing operating costs while also contributing to safe, high-quality freight operations.

To its Logifit series of solutions for logistics and warehousing management, Fujitsu has now added Logifit TM-NexTR, a transportation and delivery management solution that allows for the mixed use of digital tachographs and smart devices, enhancing customers’ overall management of their logistics operations.


  1. Enables mixed use of digital tachographs and smart devices.
  2. Collects vehicle sensor data and driver vital signs to support safe driving.

Ties into dispatch-support system for accurate and effective delivery management.


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