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Fujitsu Develops Technology Enable Client-Segregated Virtual Networks in One Second


Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. claims to develop the world’s first technology for fast and automatic setup of client-segregated virtual networks that are built over multiple Linux containers. These containers offer virtualization for high-speed launches and running.

To use containers, which launch in roughly 0.2 seconds, in the cloud like virtual machines, quick setup of client-segregated virtual networks is required. Previously, including the time required to configure physical switches, it took several seconds to set up a network built over multiple containers, which made it impractical for clients to use an environment consisting of multiple containers.

Now, by distributing network information in advance to the physical switches, and automatically creating a network upon the detection of container activation, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed technology that enables client-segregated networks built over multiple containers to be set up within one second. This enables a system on the scale of several hundred containers to be used immediately following their launch. As a result, systems can immediately be scaled out, supporting, for example, web services that temporarily experience sudden spikes in traffic, such as during special events or marketing campaigns.

This technology will be announced at Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS) 2015, opening August 19 in Pusan, South Korea.


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