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Fujitsu Improves Digital Trust Management Technology

Fujitsu Laboratories has declared the development of digital trust management technology that can guarantee the authenticity of business data exchanged between corporations, government agencies, and other entities. The technology can verify when and by whom the data was created, and whether it has been tampered with, to ensure trusted data exchange and allow users peace of mind.

fujitsuTo address this challenge, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a digital trust management technology that can automatically ensure the authenticity of data handled by multiple organizations involved in the approval process. The technology can achieve this without altering the user interface of the cloud service that customers such as corporations and government offices interact within their daily operations. With this technology, Fujitsu’s proprietary Trust as a Service (TaaS) layer can be installed in a cloud environment between a cloud service and a client device, and data that needs to be signed on behalf of the client device can be automatically digitally signed to guarantee authenticity transparently. Fujitsu has also developed an authentication protocol for TaaS that enables secure connection and management between cloud services, the TaaS layer, and client devices while eliminating difficulties for service users.

The use of this technology offers the potential to accelerate the digital transformation of internal operations and enable the verification of the authenticity of business data across multiple organizations, including in cases in which users are working remotely or with external devices, enabling secure business collaboration.

Fujitsu will present details of the technology at the international conference “The 10th International Cybersecurity Symposium,” which will be hosted online by Keio University in Tokyo on Thursday, October 8th (Thursday).

Besides, since collaboration between different organizations is generally performed on a cloud service determined for each business system, it is necessary to use different cloud services for each business partner. Therefore, demand is growing for a system to ensure the authenticity of the approval process across organizations while leveraging the cloud services used in day-to-day operations.


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