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Fujitsu Initiates New Tech for Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer

Fujitsu Laboratories has collaborated with the University of Toronto and has successfully developed a new parallel search technology to help achieve megabit-class performance for large-scale problems, representing an important technical milestone for its Digital Annealer.

fujitsuFujitsu’s Digital Annealer is a unique computing architecture that rapidly solves combinatorial optimization problems too large and complex for conventional technologies.

With this challenge in mind, Fujitsu Laboratories has successfully demonstrated the world’s first practical solution on the scale of one megabit for an Ising machine with its Digital Annealer, applying a new parallel search technology.

Fujitsu Laboratories aims to contribute to solving real-world problems by integrating this technology into its Digital Annealer, furthering expanding its ability to solve large-scale combinatorial optimization problems in a variety of fields.

Fujitsu Laboratories has extended its Digital Annealer architecture to develop a new parallel search technology that achieves high performance in solving large-scale problems. Fujitsu Laboratories has demonstrated the solution of a one megabit scale problem with the Digital Annealer leveraging this technology.

Fujitsu Laboratories applied the new technology to solve the problem of determining the production schedule for a small batch of a wide variety of servers. To solve this problem, it’s necessary to consider complex constraints including work order, worker skill level, break times, and equipment availability. The number of bits in the problem is determined by the number of discrete tasks, the number of workers, the number of pieces of equipment, and the number of time slots, and is very large. In this example, the test was conducted under the conditions of 100 tasks, 12 pieces of equipment, 13 workers, and 65 time slots, and the total number of bits was 1,014,000 bits. By applying the new technique to produce the solution, Fujitsu Laboratories successfully confirmed the solution of a practical problem at the one megabit level

Fujitsu Laboratories will apply the newly developed technology for the Digital Annealer to help solve various large-scale combinatorial optimization problems in the real world, contributing to the streamlining of the development of new drugs, nationwide transportation and delivery plans, strategies for resolving traffic congestion in urban areas and work shift planning suitable for the new normal era.


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