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Fujitsu Introduces Digital Twin Collector Virtual Platform

Fujitsu has released new integrated virtual platform for the mobility space, which allows users to seamlessly integrate and manage information on devices including connected cars, smartphones, and tablets.

Fujitsu Fujitsu will offer the new platform, the “Fujitsu Future Mobility Accelerator Digital Twin Collector,” to automobile manufacturers and insurance companies in the Japanese market from April 22, with availability to follow in North America and Europe from June 2021, contributing to the realization of new mobility services on a global scale.

As a wide-area distributed data access technology optimized for mobility, the Digital Twin Collector delivers stable communications by regulating the volume of data sent from the mobility device to the cloud with the Traffic Scheduler Function, while the Data Coverage Control Function enables comprehensive data collection without duplication.

These functions make it possible to reproduce and process large volumes of data from mobile devices on the cloud platform as needed, significantly reducing costs for the management and transmission of large amounts of vehicle and traffic data.

With the development of this platform, Fujitsu demonstrates its ongoing contributions to the realization of automated driving systems, including the creation of high-precision maps used by automobile manufacturers, etc., as well as offering detailed data on driving conditions including congestion, obstacles, and whether to vehicles on the road-by-road management companies.

In recent years, the world has faced growing demand for innovative solutions to the challenges posed by exponential increases in data generated by connected vehicles and the digital transformation of transportation through new mobility technologies.

To address this, Fujitsu has developed and launched its stream data processing platform, “Digital Twin Utilizer,” as well as an in-vehicle camera image analysis platform, “Digital Twin Analyzer.”

The introduction of Fujitsu’s new “Digital Twin Collector”, which greatly reduces the cost of data collection and storage by virtually integrating and managing the data held by mobility devices, represents the latest development in this ongoing effort to streamline the use of big data with digital twin technology.


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