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Fujitsu, Japan Cancer Center to Work on Drug Development

Fujitsu has decided to sign a comprehensive collaborative research agreement with National Cancer Center Japan.

Overview of the Joint Research Project

The joint research will center on exploring ways that real-world data, including medical information from electronic records, can be leveraged to contribute to the development of new drugs, clinical trials, and preventive medicine in pharmaceutical companies.

Through its joint research with the National Cancer Center, Fujitsu aims to create new value through a wide range of information and analysis services by creating an anonymized personal health record scheme (PHR), which includes case study information and health information on patients visiting the National Cancer Center Hospital East.

Fujitsu additionally seeks to create a platform for providing pharmaceutical companies with data that can be used for drug development and preventive medicine. Fujitsu will establish a new model to process medical information from electronic medical records into highly secure statistical data to improve the efficiency of clinical trials and supports active participation in international joint clinical trials by promoting the adaptation of clinical trial data in Japan to global standards.

To contribute to the well-being of people in society, Fujitsu will work to improve the development speed and quality of pharmaceuticals and other products that promote the health of consumers.

In turn, Fujitsu will play a role in resolving issues such as the time required for clinical trials and costs, create a variety of services that contribute to areas such as preventive medicine and individualized cancer medicine, and implement these services by the end of fiscal 2021.

To this end, Fujitsu has concluded a comprehensive agreement with the National Cancer Center with the ultimate goal of contributing to the speedy development of pharmaceuticals and clinical trials by pharmaceutical companies that promote the health of consumers and will start joint research in this field.

In the future, Fujitsu will not only collaborate with pharmaceutical companies but also consider working with various companies that provide wellbeing-related products and services to consumers in Japan and throughout the world.

Based on the results of this joint research, by the end of fiscal 2021 Fujitsu will develop platforms and services that enable the safe and secure use of real-world data and provide wellbeing to consumers.


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