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Fujitsu Launches DataCenter Management Solution


Fujitsu has launched its FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service ‘DataCenter Management Solution’ to deliver support for customer datacenters, covering conception, planning, design, construction, and operations. FUJITSU Managed Infrastructure Service Datacenter Management Solution is presently available in the market.

Fujitsu Chart

The new solution seeks to contribute sustainable value by giving services throughout the lifecycle of a customer’s datacenter. It’s worth mentioning that, Datacenters face various challenges that include adequate disaster-prevention countermeasures and energy-conservation measures. To address these types of datacenter issues, Fujitsu is providing Datacenter Management Solution, which provides support for datacenters, from conception to planning, design, construction, and operations.

Fujitsu provides services that shield every phase of the lifecycle of a customer datacenter. By doing that, it helps to continually enhance the value of customer datacenters.

Fujitsu Essential Datacenter Elements

  1. Support for datacenter conceptual planning

The solution helps clients form conceptual plans for their datacenters, covering parts like latest trends in ICT and facilities, and the formulation of plans for investment recovery.

  1. Support for launching and refining ICT operations

The solution also supports operations processes and the operational framework for ICT equipment, from planning through configuration. It offers ICT operations remotely from its own datacenters in order to decrease customers’ workloads and help them operate more resourcefully.

  1. Support for launching and refining facilities operations

The solution recognizes what aspects of a datacenter’s facilities need to be managed and supports the design of facility operations like power, cooling, and security. It can also provide facility operations support from its own datacenters on behalf of the customer.

  1. Support for launching and refining facilities infrastructure

The solution delivers support for datacenter construction, including site surveys, lists of requirements, design, construction/construction oversight, and periodic facility diagnostics. The solution works to support reduced power consumption by facilities, to flexibly scale up ICT systems, and optimize services in budget-apt stages.



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