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Fujitsu Launches “Healthcare Personal service Platform”

Fujitsu announced the development of Fujitsu Healthcare Solution Healthcare Personal service Platform, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for the integrated management of consumer-facing offerings based on health and medical information. The new service can aggregate and integrate an individual’s personal health record, enabling the safe and secure storage and use of such health and medical information. Healthcare Personal service Platform is available beginning today.

Fujitsu will provide this service based on its accumulated experience and expertise in developing regional healthcare network systems and electronic medical record (EMR) systems, and boasts the largest market share in Japan in these areas. The company developed the new service to enable highly robust data storage and efficient utilization for companies and regional authorities aiming to offer new services by utilizing sensitive personal health and medical information. With this secure PaaS, which includes functionality that ensures consent from individuals and data access controls, Fujitsu is supporting companies and local authorities in using health and medical information entrusted to them by individuals and other sources.

Healthcare Personal service Platform, which makes it possible to centrally manage and utilize an individual’s healthcare data throughout their lives, accelerates the creation of cross-industry services using health and medical information, including that held by local authorities and pharmacies. The aim of this platform is to realize a society where high added value services, tailored to individuals, are available to support lifestyles that are healthy and fulfilling.

Healthcare personal
Figure 1: Overview of the Healthcare Personal service Platform envisioned by Fujitsu

The Key Features of the Fujitsu Healthcare Solution Healthcare Personal service Platform

As one healthcare ICT platform, Fujitsu will work through this service to offer a way that enables an individual’s data to be managed and utilized safely and securely in the form of personal health records.

service beneficiaries
Figure 2: Data usage goals of Healthcare Personal service Platform

1. Data access controls based on personal consent

In using individual data, it is necessary to control data access, including by family members, with the consent of the individual. This product has consent management and user management functionality, including for third parties such as family members, providing access control between registered users. The platform also includes as standard user management functionality that enables data access control by showing the relationships between users, such as between doctors and patients or parents and children, in addition to the users’ relationships with their families. This makes it possible for only those an individual has authorized to access information.

2. A safe and secure platform supporting three guidelines from three ministries

This platform offers data management and operations with guaranteed security, supporting the several hundred regulation items cloud businesses must follow when handling healthcare information. Such relevant guidelines relating to healthcare information systems are established by MHLW, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Taking advantage of Fujitsu’s experience with developing and operating healthcare systems for over 30 years, the platform also features security policies necessary for handling healthcare information, as well as standardized technology and insights from the healthcare industry, in order to promote data circulation.

  1. Interface standardization to coordinate with a view to the use of healthcare information

To promote the use of data in personal health records, Fujitsu has leveraged its strength as the leading provider of EMR systems with the largest market share in Japan. The new platform is indeed equipped with standard data usage API predicated on connecting with back-end systems such as Fujitsu’s EMR system and regional healthcare network system to advance the use of medical information. In addition, tools to improve development efficiency for data usage services linked with back-end systems, such as the API, are included as standard offerings. Going forward, Fujitsu plans to expand linkages with back-end system, in order to handle an even broader range of data.

Healthcare Personal service Platform
Figure 3: Main functions of Healthcare Personal service Platform

Pricing and Availability

product and service


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