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Fujitsu Launches SAP Solution to Support Mass Customization

Fujitsu Limited  has recently announced the launch of the “Fujitsu Application for ETO(1) on SAP Cloud Platform,” which will improve the efficiency of operations, including estimating specifications, arranging materials after receiving orders, and issuing production orders, for manufacturers receiving orders for individual specification products.

fujitsu1This solution reduces production lead time while enabling the prompt information sharing of specification changes among sales, design, and manufacturing departments.

With minimal master operation that enables production and parts information to be estimated and arranged even when it is not registered as master data, a navigator that aggregates essential business information, and a configurator that can determine the consistency of specification combinations during the sales process, the new solution alleviates the burden and shortens the cycle of estimating and arranging work.

Fujitsu will continue to provide solutions for the manufacturing industry to support the digital business of manufacturing customers worldwide.

Development Background

On site, BOM(2) information required for manufacturing must be registered in the system in advance as master information for quoting, instructing on the manufacturing floor, and ordering materials. In the case of individual specification product manufacturers, since their products will have individual specifications for each order, the number of master registrations of product configurations can range from several hundred to several 1000 a month.

Features of the solution

Inheriting Fujitsu’s experience in offering GLOVIA solutions for manufacturers and carrying out many SAP solution implementation projects, the new solution offers the functionality to improve on-site system usability utilizing the standard function of SAP S/4 HANA, on the SAP Cloud Platform. Furthermore, this “SAP Cloud Platform” development method minimizes the impact of upgrading “SAP S/4 HANA”.

This solution can determine the consistent combination of specifications and options at the time of estimation, reducing the number of man-hours for communication with the design department and dramatically improving operations by utilizing excel tools for master registration and maintenance.

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