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Fujitsu Validates High Performance Simulation on Fugaku

Fujitsu has successfully used Fugaku to demonstrate the feasibility of high-performance, large-scale, very high-definition analyses with commercial applications widely used in the industrial field for simulations including fluid dynamics.

Fujitsu The trials were conducted in collaboration with many application vendors between November 2020 and May 2021.

Fujitsu and the participating vendors have additionally collaborated to validate operations and conduct performance tuning for commercial applications in high demand with manufacturers for Fugaku as well as the Fujitsu Supercomputer PRIMEHPC series, which draws on technology developed for the Fugaku project. Application vendors will begin to offer these commercial applications starting in June 2021.

Going forward, Fujitsu will continue to validate commercial applications using its PRIMEHPC series and will market these to manufacturers and other companies engaged in product development and technical research, contributing to the development of the industrial field as a whole.

The availability of these kinds of commercial applications used as-is on supercomputers like Fugaku and Fujitsu’s PRIMEHPC series, which boast large-scale, high-speed computing capabilities, could offer many potential benefits by allowing companies to continue using already-familiar applications and make use of their industry and process-specific expertise.

To expedite the availability of these kinds of commercial applications, Fujitsu has provided some application vendors with development environments and testing environments for the PRIMEHPC series, working alongside these vendors.

In large-scale simulations, Fujitsu analyzed the performance of commercial applications, did performance tuning to eliminate bottlenecks and applied parallel processing technology so that they could run efficiently with highly parallel processing.

As a result, Fujitsu has successfully verified the operation of eight commercial applications. Fugaku was used for three of these applications to obtain high-speed, high-definition simulation results for large-scale analysis.

In collaboration with various vendors, Fujitsu conducted a large-scale, high-definition simulation for improving the energy efficiency and safety of aircraft and automobiles, which represents an increasingly important priority from the viewpoint of reducing environmental impact making use of commercial applications that have been tested for the PRIMEHPC series.

Using the computing resources of Fugaku, Fujitsu conducted simulations with highly parallel processing, validating the feasibility of performing analyses within the amount of time required by companies for practical application in the real world.


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