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Fungible’s Claims its First DPU Fastest, Cheapest For Modern Data Centre Requirements

Launching its first product from its expected extensive portfolio, Fungible, a heavily funded startup of California rolled out a data processing unit (DPU).

DPU The new DPU is touted to be a super-smart network interface card. Fungible has earlier claimed to save more dollars compared to existing products when directed towards TCO on network and storage resources.

Keeping speeding of data computations, Fungible launched two new chips, Fungible F1 DPU and Fungible S1 DPU. Wherein, the Fungible F1 DPU is an 800 Gbps chip built for storage targets and Fungible S1 DPU is a 200 Gbps chip for storage initiators and local storage, bare-metal virtualization and network virtualization.

Designed primarily to work with NVMe solid-state drive (SSD) flash storage, the new DPU from Fungible also supports flash and hard disk drives. Fungible DPUs go into x86 server slots and connect over the Ethernet network.

According to Fungible, today’s data centres use server CPUs as traffic cops but they are bad at inter-node, data-centric communications.

The Fungible DPU acts as the data centre traffic cop and has a high-speed, low-latency network, which it calls TrueFabric, that interconnects the DPU nodes.

This fabric can scale from one to 8,000 racks.

Sindhu said Fungible DPUs perform data computations faster than CPUs, and its TrueFabric network fabric enables lower latency between any types of devices. By removing CPU bottlenecks, he claims Fungible can enable large-scale data pooling.

Sindhu said large server and storage vendors can use Fungible DPUs to build systems, but he doesn’t expect that to happen. “We’re not waiting for them to call us,” he said. “We’re building systems ourselves.”


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