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Is AI Upgrading Cybersecurity Standards in 2022?

Since effective information security needs a smarter detection, many cybersecurity companies are staking their gameplan by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cybersecurity to achieve that goal.

AI in CybersecurityDeveloped on the premise of simulating human intelligence and its operations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) as its name suggests, is compatible enough to gain an upper hand in the matters of cybersecurity due to its unique configuration.

Confused? Don’t be.

As the threat of cyber-attacks on private as well as public entities increases, the need to analyze and upgrade an organization’s cybersecurity posture becomes more significant and calls for a bigger force rather than mere human intervention.

The year 2020 and 2021 could be said as one of the busiest years of cybersecurity professionals as they faced a massive number of cyber threats and cyber-attacks with several secure databases of big corporations and government resources under constant threat.

This is exactly where the current problem lies as cybersecurity professionals when faced with an unprecedented threat environment along with record-high numbers of attacks, were put under a highly stressed environment due to the acute shortage of qualified staff.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that 2022 is seeing a massive surge in the cybersecurity industry with more professionals joining the team as it grows to protect the networks and systems on which companies and organizations operate and store data.

However, filling the shortage of professionals is not a complete solution as companies are seeing a growing trend of evolving malware and other threats from these unrelenting hackers as the staff often find themselves inundated with data which is needed to be sorted to manage their cyber defenses.

Since effective information security needs a smarter detection, many cybersecurity companies are staking their gameplan by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cybersecurity to achieve that goal.

Due to this, organizations are now witnessing a new wave of AI-powered solutions that indulges AI in Cybersecurity to keep these hackers on their toes while giving the company’s IT teams much-needed relief.

Therefore, AI in Cybersecurity is considered the most ideal solution for businesses that are looking to thrive online today. Before stating some of the perks of utilizing the Future of AI in Cybersecurity, let’s check out what makes AI suitable for cybersecurity solutions in general.

Why is AI in Cybersecurity Needed?

Security standardsWith the sharp growth trend of cybercriminals propping out everywhere, it’s a no-brainer that the companies are recruiting cybersecurity professionals to use technology to keep their sensitive data safe.

Incorporating AI in Cybersecurity and its solutions to build a solid defense of sensitive information is a great tactic as they work pretty well together.

Enhancing AI’s ability in cybersecurity solutions allows to include deep learning methods in security processes where AI can rapidly identify and mitigate threats.

Deep learning is said to be AI’s inherent ability to learn and recognize certain patterns from unstructured data without the oversight of computer scientists.

This is what makes AI in Cybersecurity an indispensable tool to combat threats both large and small.

Perks of Utilizing AI in Cybersecurity

ProfessionalsStating some of the most notable benefits of utilizing AI in Cybersecurity and its solutions includes,

Identifies Unknown Threats

AI can be leveraged to recognize cyber threats and possible malicious activities. Since we have seen a rapid change in technology in recent years, traditional software systems cannot keep pace with the massive amount of new malware created every week, so this is an area AI can shine the most.

With sophisticated algorithms, AI systems are being trained to detect any possible malware, run pattern recognition, and detect even the minutest behaviors of malware or ransomware attacks before it enters the system.

Breach Risk Prediction

AI in Cybersecurity can help determine the IT asset inventory, and a detailed record of all devices, users, and applications with different levels of access to multiple systems.

Taking into account the asset inventory and threat exposure, AI-based systems can then accurately predict how and where the company system is most likely to be compromised so that IT teams can plan and allocate resources towards areas of most vulnerabilities.

Reduction in Duplicative Processes 

Though, cyber attackers change their tactics often the basic security best practices remain the same. Hiring someone to handle these tasks is quite a tiring job that could lead to mistakes that can expose the network if not handled cautiously.

AI, on other hand, mimics the best of human qualities while increasing the accuracy of the task and takes care of duplicative cybersecurity processes that could bore any cybersecurity personnel.

Secures Authentication Issues

AI also helps in securing authentication anytime for a valid user who wants to log into their account from anywhere.

AI in Cybersecurity leverages various tools like facial recognition, CAPTCHA, and even fingerprint scanners for secure identification.

Accelerates Detection and Response Times

As threat detection is one of the most basic tasks to protect a company’s network, the best way to detect and respond to threats in time is by integrating AI in Cybersecurity. Unlike humans, AI can recognize possible threats extremely early and simplify security tasks.


AI 2022Since its inception, AI has been seen as an emerging must-have technology for upgrading the performance of IT security teams.

However, some misconceptions like compliance issues are also blocking its road to diversifying successfully.

Nonetheless, as humans are broadening their view field to a larger scope, businesses are now willing to incorporate AI in Cybersecurity for its accurate analysis and threat identification to minimize the breach risk of their secure data.


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